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October 4, 2017
Secure Boot. For Trusted Systems.
Prevent inauthentic code from executing with secure boot
A significant advantage to using the X-ES-modified secure boot software is that the developer does not require a high level of familiarity with the hardware in order to begin development, since device-specific secure boot customizations have already been completed. This enables customers to save time by skipping ahead directly to program-specific development efforts.
Chain of Trust with Confidentiality. Secure boot on X-ES processor boards is capable of supporting booting from a single, signed monolithic image or a chain of trust image.
Featured X-ES Processor Boards Supporting Secure Boot
XPedite5970 3U VPX Single Board Computer
XPedite5970 3U VPX Single Board Computer
XCalibur1641 6U VPX Single Board Computer
Sarsen Technology - X-ES UK Supplier
X-ES is represented in the UK by Sarsen Technology.
23-24 High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1LW, UK
Tel: +44 1672 511166
X-ES logo
3225 Deming Way, Suite 120, Middleton, WI 53562
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February 2018 - ECRIN Systems Launches myOPALE Remote Embedded Computer Embedded World 2018

The Launched at Embedded World 2018, the myOPALE from ECRIN Systems offers disruptive technology to multiply the capabilities of Embedded Computers in a smaller foot print, thanks to a PCI Express over Cable and standard 5.25’’ Building Blocks with mini-SAS HD connectors.