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Multi-Function SOSA-Aligned RFSoC Board Combines Analog & Digital Capability

SOSA-Aligned RFSoC Board

Posted by Laura B
October 19, 2021
Press Release:

Annapolis Micro Systems, a leading FPGA board and systems supplier, has developed the first SOSA™-aligned 100Gb Ethernet RFSoC board that combines analog and digital capability in a single 3U OpenVPX slot. Formerly, these operations would require two or more boards to accomplish.

The WILDSTAR™ 3XR2 3U OpenVPX FPGA Processor incorporates an innovative full-length coax-connected Analog Interface Mezzanine Site. This site can be populated in one of three ways:

1.            With a direct RF digitization mezzanine
2.            With simple analog circuitry (filtering, amplification, etc.)
3.            With a 3rd party or customer-supplied analog tuner to allow for digitization of higher frequency signals

Annapolis has defined and standardized this interface between analog and digital cards so that customers can deploy best-in-class RF and digitization/processing capability in a single 3U VPX slot.

Combining filtering and tuning with digitizing and processing delivers much lower SWaP-C than separate single-function modules, while maintaining the ability to upgrade either capability separately.

“We call this breakthrough capability a ‘Personalization Module’ because it allows for the customer to customize the module to focus on their particular frequency bands of interest,” said Noah Donaldson, Annapolis Micro Systems Chief Technology Officer.

Data is driven to two powerful Gen 3 Xilinx UltraScale+™ RFSoC FPGAs (XCZU43DR and other P/Ns on request). These chips feature eight channels each of A/D & D/A converting, with an ADC sample rate of 0.5–5.0+GSps and resolution of 14 bits, and a DAC sample rate of 0.5–10.0+GSps and resolution of 14 bits.

The option for VITA 67 backplane RF connectivity is included.

The rugged 3XR2 supports wide temperature ranges via air (VITA 48.1), conduction (VITA 48.2), or air-flow-through (VITA 48.8) cooling. Min/max operating temperatures are -55˚C/85˚C; min/max storage temperatures are -65˚C/105˚C.

Annapolis maintains a full WILD100™ EcoSystem of 100GbE products that are SOSA-aligned and proven in the field.

The following 3U and 6U OpenVPX products are optimised to operate in any VPX WILD100 System and can be readily integrated into a 3rd party SOSA-aligned VPX system.


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EIZO Rugged Solutions Inc. has released a new high-performance embedded computing module – the Condor AGX-ORIN64-HPC, a Sensor Open System Architecture™ (SOSA)-aligned 3U VPX single-board computer (SBC) based on the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ system-on-module (SoM).