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Industry - Government / Security

Government / Security

Government market sectors like cyber security, intelligence, surveillance and secure communications have become increasingly important in recent times. They also come with a unique set of challenges.  These applications have to support the strictest security measures as well as aggressive data bandwidths, and in most cases must reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP).

We supply the highest-performance embedded computers, which are supported by a number of software options. OpenCL greatly simplifies FPGA application development by allowing developers to use a high-level programming language for developing acceleration functions.

We offer a huge range of unique products including cyber security boards, 19” rackmount systems and FPGA PCIe boards. This web site can only detail a representative sample of the complete range. For a detailed review of your application please contact one of the engineering team to discuss your requirements.

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BittWare Terabox Image
Multi-FPGA System for Tera Class High Performance Computing & Network Processing
BittWare’s TeraBox is an ultra high-performance FPGA platform ideal for network/packet processing, cyber security and high performance computing (HPC) applications.

Featuring up to sixteen of the largest Altera Arria® 10, Stratix® V Family or Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs, the TeraBox offers 24 TeraFLOPS of processing power, along with 6.5 Terabits/sec of memory bandwidth and 1.28 Terabits/sec of I/O – all in a turnkey rackmount solution. The FPGAs on these PCIe boards provide a system total of up to 18 million logic elements (1,150,000 per FPGA) and 62,000 18 x 18 variable precision multipliers (3,926 per FPGA).

BittWare TeraBox


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