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DAVE Embedded Systems is a well-established Italian company, focussed on the design of highly complex miniaturised embedded electronic systems. They offer a complete range of CPU modules and System-on-Module (SoM) solutions, based on ARM Cortex and PowerPC architectures, Freescale i.MX6 and Texas Instruments ‘Da Vinci’ DM814x and ‘Sitara’ AM387x processor families, and the brand new Xilinx ‘Zynq’ XC7Z015/XC7Z030 System on Chip (SoC).

DAVE Embedded Systems designs and manufactures complete products, including both software and hardware, in order to help customers save development time and engineering costs. Each CPU module, including the Xilinx Zynq boards from DAVE has its own development kit, so customers can fully evaluate all the features offered by the product.

DAVE Embedded Systems also provides custom solutions, based on the customers’ specifications. Customers can quickly start-up their projects and focus on adding peripherals needed, writing applications or specific interfaces to the design. If they don't need to develop a completely new solution, DAVE Embedded Systems supplies customers with turnkey systems that accelerate the time to market and let them concentrate exclusively on the final product.

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February has been a bumper month for new products, with announcements from ECRIN Systems, VersaLogic and DAVE. We've also included details about how you can get a ticket to DSEI IN September, and a sneak peek of some big news coming in March.