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HSS ADC and DAC Jariet Electra-MA Card

The WILD WHDMF1 ADC & DAC HSS from Annapolis Micro Systems is optimised for JESD-based ADCs and DACs.

 It integrates Jariet Technologies Electra-MA Transceiver. Two-channel 10-bit ADCs/DACs run at up to 64GSps.

This high-bandwidth COTS ADC and DAC Card is designed for demanding Direct RF applications requiring very high ADC and DAC data rates and bandwidth. Engineers can also double the channel count by utilising two Cards on a 6U Baseboard.



  • Uses Jariet Technologies Electra-MA Transceiver
  • Supports JESD204B/C interface with 16 lanes up to 30Gbps (dependent on mode configuration)
  • Capability to have two ADC and two DAC channels in one 3U OpenVPX slot when plugged into WILDSTAR OpenVPX FPGA mainboards
  • Capability to have four ADC and four DAC channels in one 6U OpenVPX slot when plugged into WILDSTAR OpenVPX FPGA mainboards
  • Compatible with any WILDSTAR mainboard with a WILD Mezzanine Card HSS (WMC-H) Site
  • Firmware and Software Board Support Interface provided in Open CoreFire Next and VHDL source

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There are a number of configuration and mounting options.
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