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Clock Distribution Module - UltraScale+ MPSoC

The WILDSTAR™ Clock Distribution Module from Annapolis Micro Systems allows for synchronization of up to 12 backplanes worth of ADC/DAC WFMC+.

It provides the capability to synchronize up to 960 ADC/DAC channels, with 12 differential clock outputs, 12 single-ended trigger outputs, and optional 12 single-ended reference clock outputs. 

The WP9CC0 clock module is powered by a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC EV Motherboard Controller and is designed for a standard 19″ rack with support for both air- or conduction-cooled environments.


  • Provides Capability to Synchronize up to 12 Backplanes worth of ADC/DAC WFMC+
  • With 12 Radial Clock Distribution boards, provides Capability to Synchronize up to 240 WFMC+ Cards (960 ADC/DAC Channels Using Quad Channel ADC/DAC WFMC+)
  • 12 Single-Ended Clock Outputs (SMA)
  • 12 Single-Ended Trigger Outputs (SMA)
  • Optional 12 Single-Ended Reference Clock Outputs (SMA)
  • Front Panel LEDs for Board Status (PLL Lock, Power Good, etc)
  • Supports Clock Frequencies Up to 8GHz
  • Trigger Outputs are Synchronized to Reference Clock
  • Ultra-Low Phase Noise Distribution


Selectable Clock and Trigger Sources

  • Dynamically Selectable Clock Source
    • External RF Connections (SMA)
    • Variable Frequency PLL Synthesizer
    • Fixed Frequency PLL
    • Fixed Frequency Oscillator
  • Dynamically Selectable Reference Clock Source
    • External RF Connections (SMA)
    • Divided Clock
    • Fixed Frequency Oscillator
    • Ultra-Low Phase Noise OCXO
  • Dynamically Selectable Trigger Source
    • External RF Connections (SMA)
    • Divided Reference Clock
    • Front Panel Push Button
    • Software Initiated Trigger

System Management

  • Flexible Board Control
    • Front-Panel UART Interface
    • Back-Panel Ethernet Interface
  • System Management (VITA 46.11) compatible Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC (XCZU5EV)
  • On-Board current, voltage, and temperature monitoring sensors
  • Diagnostic monitoring and configuration
  • High Output Swing
    • Typically 800mV Peak-Peak @ 100MHz output
    • Typically 500mV Peak-Peak @ 4GHz output

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Standard 19” Rack
    • 2U Chassis when Option Reference Clock SMAs are not populated
    • 3U Chassis when Option Reference Clock SMAs are populated
  • Integrated EMI/Crosstalk Shielding
  • Commercial temperatures supported. Industrial temperatures available.
  • Air cooled supported. Conduction cooled available.
  • Diagnostic monitoring and configuration
  • Current, Voltage and Temperature Monitoring Sensors

Ordering information

Please contact the Sarsen Technology Engineering team for more information.