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Xilinx UltraScale 3/4-Length PCIe Board with up to VU190, Quad QSFP, and 256 GBytes DDR4

The XUSP3R from BittWare is a 3/4-length PCIe x8 card based on the Xilinx Virtex UltraScale FPGA. The board offers extensive memory configurations with standard DDR4 DIMMs and proprietary QDR-IV and QDR-II+ DIMMs available. Each DIMM site supports up to 64 GBytes of DDR4 with optional ECC, 18 MBytes QDR-IV (1 bank x18 or x36), or up to 72 MBytes QDR-II+ (2 banks x18).

The XUSP3R provides a variety of interfaces for high-speed serial I/O as well as debug support. Two Gen3 x8 PCIe interfaces connect to the FPGA via 16 GTH transceivers, allowing for a x8 PCIe connection in a standard slot or two x8 interfaces in a bifurcated slot. A USB 2.0 interface is available for debug and programming support. The board also supports timestamping with provision for a 1 PPS and reference clock input.



  • Xilinx Virtex UltraScale 125/160/190
  • Up to four PCIe x8 interfaces supporting Gen1, Gen2, or Gen3
  • Four QSFP28 cages for 1x 400GbE, 4x 100GbE, 4x 40GbE, 16x 25GbE, or 16x 10GbE
  • Board Management Controller for Intelligent Platform Management
  • Timestamping support
  • Utility I/O: USB 2.0, serial expansion interface
  • Memory options:
    • up to 256 GBytes of DDR4 with ECC
    • up to 72 MBytes QDR-IV
    • Up to 288 MBytes QDR-II+


Board Specifications


  • Up to 1.9 million logic elements
  • Up to 132 Mb of embedded memory
  • Up to 4 integrated PCIe cores
  • Up to 1,800 DSP slices with 27×18 multipliers
  • Xilinx UltraScale FPGA
    • Virtex UltraScale125/160/190
  • Multi-gigabit transceivers
    • 16x GTY at 32.75 Gbps and 32x GTH at 16 Gbps

On-Board Memory

  • Flash memory for booting FPGA

Optional DIMM Memory

  • 4 DIMM sites, each supporting:
    • Up to 64 GBytes DDR4 x72 with ECC
    • Up to 144 Mbits QDR-IV x18 or x36
    • Up to 576 Mbits QDR-II x18

PCIe Interface

  • Two x8 Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 interfaces direct to FPGA (One x8 interface in a standard slot; two x8 interfaces requires bifurcated slot)
  • Serial Expansion Port can be used for two additional x8 interfaces

USB Header

  • Micro USB port (USB 2.0) for debug and programming FPGA and Flash

QSFP Cages

  • 4 QSFP28 (zQSFP) cages on front panel connected directly to FPGA via 16 GTY transceivers
  • Each supports 100GbE, 40GbE, 4x 25GbE, or 4x 10GbE and can be combined for 400GbE
  • Backward compatible with QSFP and can be optionally adapted for use as SFP+

Serial Expansion Port

  • Expansion interface to FPGA via 16x GTH transceivers (optional; requires second slot)


  • 1 PPS input
  • Reference clock input

Board Management Controller

  • Voltage, current, temperature monitoring
  • Power sequencing and reset
  • Field upgrades
  • FPGA configuration and control
  • Clock configuration
  • I2C bus access
  • USB 2.0 and JTAG access
  • Voltage overrides


  • 3/4-length, standard-height PCIe dual slot card
  • 241mm x 111.15mm
  • Max. component height: 34.79mm dual slot

Development Tools

System Development

  • BittWorks II Toolkit – host, command, and debug tools for BittWare hardware; Matlab API; source code porting kit also available

FPGA Development

  • FPGA Development Kit
    • Physical interface components
    • Board, I/O, and timing constraints
    • Example projects
    • Software components and drivers
  • Xilinx Tools
    • Vivado® Design Suite
    • USB to JTAG converter


Ordering information

There are a wide range of configurations available. Please contact Sarsen Technology for more information.



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