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SOSA Aligned 3U VPX Agilex I-Series 100GbE FPGA Board

The WILDSTAR 3AA1 from Annapolis Micro Systems integrates Intel's powerful Agilex I-Series AGI 022 or AGI 027 FPGA. It is 100GbE-enabled, SOSA-aligned, and highly rugged and thermally-controlled.

These FPGA boards are SOSA-aligned Plug-In Cards (PIC). They include one Agilex I-Series AGI 022/027 FPGA and have five 32-bit LPDDR4 DRAM ports running up to 3733 MT/s.

Each card has one WILD FMC+ (WFMC+) next generation IO site based on FMC/FMC+ specification.  While accepting standard FMC and FMC+ cards (complies to FMC/FMC+ specification) it also allows larger form factor Annapolis WFMC+ cards for higher IO density.  WFMC+ also supports additional LVDS IO (100) for higher density ADC and DAC solutions as well as stacking (2 IO cards per site) when at least one card is WFMC+.  WFMC+ also brings the total available HSS up to 32 lanes for even more IO bandwidth. VITA 66/67 optical/RF backplane support is included.

There is also an on-board quad ARM CPU running up to 1.5 GHz which can be used for local application requirements.  It is accessible over backplane PCIe or Ethernet and provides dedicated AXI interfaces to all FPGAs.  It is also used to query board health like FPGA temperature and power. It is connected to the OpenVPX control plane via 1GbE.

The air-cooled 3AA1 is hot swappable, allowing for more system reliability. This feature is unique to Annapolis and was developed because our experience with OpenVPX systems has shown it invaluable, so a whole chassis does not need to be shutdown to remove a single board.

Please request a datasheet via the website.


General Features

  • One Agilex I-Series AGI 022/027 FPGA
    • Up to 8,528 DSP Slices and 2,692,760 logic cells
    • Up to 17,056 18×19 multipliers
    • Up to 12.8 single precision TFLOPs or 25.6 half precision TFLOPs
    • Up to 204 Mb of High Bandwidth, Low Latency M20K memory blocks
    • Five 32-bit LPDDR4 DRAM ports running up to 3733 MT/s
    • Quad-core 64-bit ARM® Cortex-A53 running up to 1.5GHz
    • Board support enabling user customization
  • Multiple levels of hardware and software security


Front Panel And/Or Backplane I/O

  • WILD FMC+ (WFMC+) next generation IO site based on FMC+ specification
    • Accepts standard FMC and FMC+ cards (complies to FMC+ specification)
    • Allows larger form factor Annapolis cards for higher IO density
    • Supports additional LVDS IO for higher density ADC and DAC solutions
    • Up to 32 High Speed Serial and 100 LVDS connections to FPGA
    • Example mezzanine options:
      • Analog Devices MxFE: 4TX (12GSps)/4RX (6GSps)
      • Analog Devices MxFE: 1TX (12GSps)/8RX (4GSps)
      • Jariet: 2TX (64GSps)/2RX (64GSps)
      • TI ADCs/DACs
  • Backplane optical and RF support with VITA 66/67
  • HSS connections can support protocols such as 10/40/100 Gb Ethernet and Aurora or user designed protocols. Some HSS interfaces also support PCIe using FPGA hard blocks

Mechanical and Environmental

  • 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65) Compliant, 1” VITA 48.1 spacing
  • Supports OpenVPX payload profile:
    • SLT3-PAY-1F1U1S1S1U1U2F1H-14.6.11-n (SOSA Primary)
  • Available with 85C ambient air temperature or card edge support and -55C power-on
  • Available with -65C to 105C storage temperature
  • Air, Air-Flow-Through or Conduction Cooled
  • Only requires +12V and +3.3VAUX from backplane
  • Developed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard 1.0
  • RT3 backplane connectors for 100G support

Application Development

  • CoreFire Next Application Design Suite
    • Full Board Support Package for Fast and Easy Application Development
    • Computational, DSP and Data Flow Control Cores (FFTs, FIR, Math, etc)
    • Develop in GUI environment or create VHDL and use HDL environment
    • Built-in Debugger for Hardware in the loop Debugging
    • Supports High-Level Synthesis (HLS) Design Flow
  • VHDL BSP packages including full synthesis and simulation support
  • Communication Cores Included (10/40Gb Ethernet and AnnapMicro Protocol cores)
  • IOPE JTAG Access through RTM or Ethernet
  • Board control and status monitoring can be local and/or remote (via Ethernet)

Ordering information

The WB3AA1 is highly configurable. Please request a quote and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your application requirements.