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The CompactPCI® specification defines a low cost and scalable approach to building systems suitable for an extremely wide range of projects and customers. Rugged and modular packaging, high performance, and open software support means CompactPCI is an ideal platform for industrial, commercial, milaero, instrumentation, communications, machine control, and HMI applications.

CompactPCI is has become a popular and readily accepted high performance industrial bus architecture. It combines the rugged, modular Eurocard packaging with the high speed and extensive features of the desktop PCI specifications.

CompactPCI - PICMG

Key Features
  • 3U and 6U Eurocard form factors are defined by the popular IEEE 1101.1 and IEEE 1101.10 mechanical standards, providing implementation, flexibility and widely available off-the-shelf parts.
  • Supports Hot Swap of boards while a system is operating. This enables mission critical systems.
  • Convection cooled and conduction cooled modules are defined.
  • Thousands of compliant products are commercially available, including processors, I/O cards, backplanes, card cages, system enclosures, and complete pre-packaged systems.
  • Wide O/S support
  • Scalable from a single board to large systems
  • CompactPCI® Express version optimised for instrumentation and data acquisition applications
  • CompactPCI® Serial migrates parallel PCI bus to serial PCI Express, SATA, Ethernet, and USB, offering higher performance while maintaining backwards compatibility.

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