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PICMG 1.3, also commonly referred to as SHB Express, is an upgrade to the PICMG 1.0 single board computer specification, adding PCI Express slots for commercially available peripheral boards.

PICMG 1.3 Specification

Direct ISA interfaces are not supported on PICMG 1.3 boards. They have been designed to host all of the active components (that would normally be placed on a PC motherboard) to a single board computer, called the System Host Board. This simplification corrects the data bottlenecks while maintaining backwards compatibility with PCI cards.

The PICMG 1.3 specification allows maximum design flexibility in a wide variety of military, industrial, medical and telecommunication applications by supporting commercial off the shelf (COTS) PCI(-X) and PCI Express plug-in peripheral cards.

Key Features
  • Enables today’s faster, multi-core processors & chipsets to handle data tasks faster by utilising the high-speed serial interconnects available with PCI Express
  • Maximises system design flexibility by supporting both the latest industry standard PCI Express, and legacy PCI and PCI-X plug-in slot cards
  • Simplifies power delivery design by providing extra power connections through the SHB’s edge connector
  •  Provides advanced system diagnostics via the Intelligent Platform Management Interface or IPMI
  •  Enables more system design flexibility by supporting optional routing of Serial ATA, USB and Ethernet connections from the SHB’s edge connectors to the SHB-Express compatible backplane.

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