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Industry - Aerospace


Sarsen Technology provides a wide range of rugged COTS boards and system solutions to the leading European Aerospace OEMs. We have a long track record of supporting mission critical systems for land, sea & air and we understand the importance of both process control and long-term support.
  • Standards-based COTs hardware, including rugged VPX boards, XMC cards, VME hardware, X86 PC/104 modules and 19" rackmount systems
  • MIL-STD-1553 hardware
  • Extensive lifecycles - long term availability and obsolescence management programs for extended support
  • Ultra-high reliability – industry leading manufacturing quality and screening programs
  • Leaded manufacturing process available 
  • Development platforms, deployable systems, systems integration
  • Full traceability
  • Rugged COTS Boards
  • Customisation and bespoke configurations available

Typical applications
Software Defined Radio (SDR), Radar, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Command and Control, Display and monitoring, Vetronics, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) and Routing with Cisco IOS® IP routing software, UAVs, Test Equipment.

We offer a huge selection of unique products and this web site can only detail a representative sample of the complete range. For a detailed review of your application please contact one of the engineering team to discuss your requirements.

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February 2018 - ECRIN Systems Launches myOPALE Remote Embedded Computer Embedded World 2018

The Launched at Embedded World 2018, the myOPALE from ECRIN Systems offers disruptive technology to multiply the capabilities of Embedded Computers in a smaller foot print, thanks to a PCI Express over Cable and standard 5.25’’ Building Blocks with mini-SAS HD connectors.