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The Sarsen Technology website features a news and events section, with all the latest press releases, white papers and events to keep you up to date.

But if thats not enough for you our blog features even more stories, articles and the occasional office party photo. With new content posted regularly it's full of useful information and industry news.
May 12, 2022 Annapolis & Jariet Technologies at AOC Europe 2022 Read
May 11, 2022 REFLEX CES at AOC Europe 2022 Read
April 29, 2022 Sabertooth Added to VersaLogic’s Turnkey Evaluation Program Read
April 21, 2022 Intel Xeon Ice Lake-D Single Board Computers Read
April 13, 2022 What To See At AOC Europe 2022 Read
March 16, 2022 Product of the Week - XPedite7870 Read
Feb 23, 2022 Spotlight: Rugged FPGA Embedded VPX SOSA Storage Boards Read
Feb 08, 2022 Rugged Thunderbolt 1553 Interfaces Read
Jan 25, 2022 SOSA, Turing and GPGPUs Read
Jan 20, 2022 Introducing ORCA – NXP i.MX8M-based Industrial Grade System on Module Read
Jan 10, 2022 NEW - PCIe Board based on the Intel® Agilex™ I-Series SoC FPGA Read
Dec 14, 2021 Product Update - Components and Prices Read
Dec 07, 2021 Sarsen Technology Christmas Hours Read
Nov 23, 2021 How RFSoCs & SOSA 1.0 Deliver More Functionality in a Single 3U VPX Slot Read
Nov 04, 2021 MIL-STD-1553 Hardware and ARINC Specialists - Meet Alta Data Read
October 27, 2021 Top 20 SOSA Aligned Products Read
October 19, 2021 Multi-Function SOSA-Aligned RFSoC Board Combines Analog & Digital Capability Read
October 13, 2021 Spotlight: Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC XMC Module Read
October 08, 2021 VersaLogic Rugged SBCs - The Story Behind the Names Read
October 04, 2021 High Performance ADC and DAC Module - DM60 Read
August 26, 2021 Multi-Coloured Digital Clocks Read
August 18, 2021 5 Minute Read: 3U VPX Video Capture & GPGPU Card for HPEC Systems Read
August 11, 2021 Small Form Factor Rugged Embedded Computers Read
July 27, 2021 U.2 PXI Express Removable Storage Read
July 16, 2021 The Best ARINC and 1553 Boards and Appliances Read
July 08, 2021 GMR1000 - Multi-Functional Master Clock Read
July 01, 2021 Intel Xeon D based x86 Embedded Single Board Computers Read
June 21, 2021 100 GbE Switches Read
June 11, 2021 Intel Denverton-based Embedded Servers Read
June 04, 2021 SOSA-Aligned Chassis Manager For Maintenance And Security  Read
June 01, 2021 Your Guide to NVIDIA Graphic Cards  Read 
May 21, 2021 NVIDIA GPGPUs - Not Just For Gamers? Read
May 18, 2021 The Best SBCs for Defence Applications Read
May 14, 2021 Supply & Demand - How We Can Help You Mitigate Extended Lead Times Read
May 05, 2021 Alta Data Adds MIL-STD-1553 USB 3 SuperSpeed Adapter to NLINE Family  Read
April 29, 2021 Discover REFLEX CES FPGA Solutions with Interactive Videos  Read 
April 23, 2021 Keeping Football Stadiums in Sync with Timing Systems from Masterclock Read
April 21, 2021 The Easiest Route to Developing Your SOSA-based Application Read
April 13, 2021 Single Board Computer or System on Module? Read
April 07, 2021 Supporting FPGA Applications for Defence Customers in the UK  Read 
March 24, 2021 What Is GPGPU? Read
March 16, 2021 ISO 9001:2015 - Our Company Scope and Context  Read 
March 04, 2021 Arm-based Embedded Computers: Which Type is Best?  Read
February 23, 2021 Embedded World 2021 - Overview Read
February 19, 2021 Celebrating 3 Years at Sarsen Technology Read
February 18, 2021 Using Master Clocks in Airport Surveillance Radar Modernisation Read
February 15, 2021 Free Online Seminar: SOSA™ Alignment & 100Gb Ethernet Bandwidths Read
February 11, 2021 Amazing, Small, Rugged, In-Line 1553 Ethernet Converter: NLINE-E1553 Read
February 09, 2021 Introducing Zeus Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC SoM Read
February 03, 2021 Rugged NVIDIA XMC Graphics Cards with Field Programmable Video Output Combinations Read
January 21, 2021 What’s the Difference Between PoE and PoE+? Read
January 15, 2021 Leveraging the SOSA Architecture to Enable AI Solutions for EW/ISR Applications  Read
January 06, 2021 A Brave New World - Sarsen Technology in 2021 Read
December 17, 2020 Software Defined Radio Solutions - UK Supplier  Read
November 23, 2020 Could the ACHILLES ARRIA® 10 SoC SoM be the Right Module for Your Application? Read
November 05, 2020 Why You Should Consider Using a Time Server in Your Network  Read,


Sarsen Technology Newsletter - May 2022

We have had a strong start to the year and are excited to bring you some brand new technology, details of our first post-pandemic event and some fantastic industry insight videos and articles.