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Alta Data Technologies Recognised as a Top Supplier by Aerospace and Defence Review for Third Straight Year

FPGA-based system for ultra-low latency trading - MAGMIO

Magmio is a European company based in Czech Republic. Previously known as Netcope Technologies, Magmio focuses on hardware acceleration for trading applications.

Magmio is an FPGA-based system for ultra-low latency trading. The pure hardware solution enables you to trade at nanosecond-level latencies.

Magmio is versatile, quick to launch, and doesn’t require any FPGA expertise on your part. Similar in use to a Software Development Kit (SDK), Magmio runs your strategy on the FPGA card instead of a CPU.

Their mission is to help traders to reach superior performance in high-frequency trading, and they achieve that by lowering the latency of trading through FPGA-based algorithms. Their partnerships are built on trust, expertise, and long-term collaboration.


2021 - Tradecope becomes Magmio
2020 - 100 ns reached, new HW platform, new exchanges
2019 -  NSE exchange support
2018 - 500 ns latency breached
2017 - Eurex exchange support
2016 - 1 μs latency breached
2015 - Live on 4 exchanges
2014 - Tradecope comes to the market
2012 - Tradecope product development initiated



January 2023 - New SOSA-Aligned 3U VPX ATR and 19" Rackmount Chassis

Annapolis has introduced a rugged WILD100 8-Slot 3U OpenVPX SOSA™-Aligned ¾ Air Transport Rack (ATR) Chassis (WC3A80) and two WILD100 19” Rackmount 3U OpenVPX Chassis (WC31E0 & WC31DH).