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VMEbus (Versa Module Europa bus) is a computer bus standard, used in industrial, commercial, and military applications worldwide. VMEbus systems withstand shock, vibration, and extended temperatures, making them ideal for harsh environments and ideal for use in traffic control systems, weapons control systems, telecommunication switching systems, data acquisition, video imaging, and robots.

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The recent VME64 standard defines the mechanical specifications such as board dimensions, connector specifications, and enclosure characteristics, as well as the electronic specifications for sub-bus structures, signal functions, timing, signal voltage levels, and master/slave configurations. VME64 standard specifies a 64-bit data path for 6U cards and a 32-bit data path for 3U cards, and the VME64x adds a 'hot-swap' extension.
XCalibur4531  5th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 6U VME SBC featuring a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA-based VME bridging solution.
With the EOL notification of the industry’s main VME Bridge, the Tsi148, in 2014, many manufacturers now face the decision whether to migrate to newer technology to leave VME behind altogether. We work with Extreme Engineering (X-ES), a company that is committed to VME and the many systems that rely upon its proven technology.

With their cutting-edge Xilinx FPGA-based VME Bridge, X-ES is able to offer more features and functionality than had ever previously been available with a traditional VME Bridge. Their Intel® and NXP 6U VME SBCs come standard with high-performance processing capabilites, a wide variety of I/O support including Ethernet, USB, and serial, and are backed by their experienced team of engineers.

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