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VersaLogic Copperhead EBX Board
The “Embedded Board, eXpandable” (EBX) standard is the result of a collaboration between industry leaders to unify the embedded computing industry on a small footprint embedded single-board computer standard. The EBX combines a standard footprint with open interfaces.

The EBX form-factor is small enough for deeply embedded applications, yet large enough to contain the functions of a full embedded computer system: CPU, memory, mass storage interfaces, display controller, serial/parallel ports, and other system functions.

EBX Dimensions
EBX supports the stackable PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and PCI-104 giving it access to the wide variety of embedded system oriented expansion modules from hundreds of companies worldwide. With 46 square inches of surface area, this bolt-down SBC format supports embedded designs with higher performance CPUs and generous on-board I/O functions. The EBX form factor is the most effective cost and size solution for the majority of OEM applications.

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September 2018 - Netcope Technologies Announces the Appointment of Sarsen Technology Ltd

Sarsen Technology Limited is pleased to announce that it has been named by Netcope Technologies as the exclusive sales and marketing partner for their high performance FPGA-based networking solutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland.