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software defined radios

Posted by Laura B

Thursday, 17 December 2020
Of all the technology discussions we’ve had with customers this year, some of the most interesting have been about cutting-edge software defined radios (SDRs).

In simple terms, an SDR is a communication system which is made up of radio components including filters, detection circuits and mixers, with all the modulation and demodulation of signals processed by a software package. Conventional radio systems are composed mostly of hardware, and as such cannot easily be re-configured. The SDR set up provides increased flexibility and capabilities over a traditional radio communication system.

The SDRs we have been talking about include several “hard” or fixed components including an Antenna, front-end RF Hardware, and an ADC or DAC. General purpose processors usually lack the I/O bandwidth and processing capabilities necessary for implementing anything other than basic SDRs, so we support a range of FPGA and RFSoC technology which provides both the I/O bandwidth necessary and the processing capabilities needed for implementing complex SDRs, and they can do so at multi-GHz sampling rates and GHz-range bandwidths.

Annapolis Micro Systems provides both the SDR hardware and firmware development tools necessary for creating SDR solutions quickly and easily. Their WILDSTAR™ baseboards provide FPGA processing capabilities fed directly from a large suite of I/O Mezzanine Cards, including RFSoC ADCs that provide industry-leading performance. For SDR development, their patented CoreFire Next™ and Open Project Builder™ Design Suites provide all the functionality needed for fast and dependable FPGA development.

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