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High Density 100GbE 3U VPX COTS Chassis

High Density 100GbE 3U VPX COTS Chassis

Posted by Laura B
February 16, 2023

High Density 100GbE 3U VPX COTS Chassis – More Bang for Your Buck!

Annapolis Micro Systems was the first company to bring 40Gb and 100Gb bandwidth to OpenVPX with their line of rugged COTS backplanes, chassis and payload cards, all of which are fully designed, qualified and tested for 40Gb and 100Gb bandwidths. The WILD40/100 EcoSystem™ for OpenVPX chassis includes both switched and mesh backplane architectures and is extensively deployed around the world.
Their latest innovation is the front-loading forced-air, conduction-cooled WC31DH which offers 13 3U OpenVPX slots and includes a Chassis, Backplane, and secure Chassis Manager.
For some serious heavy lifting, the WC31DH provides eight primary RF/compute intensive payload slots with 14.6.11 profile for conduction-cooled 3U VPX Payload Boards, a timing slot with 14.9.2 profile which supports a radial clock, and two 12V VITA 62 power supply slots.
The two additional slots are designated HD switch slots that feature high-density VITA 91 connectors with double the available density - up to 64 lanes of Ethernet or PCIe or 128 LVDS pairs.
These HD switch slots have specific functions: the first allows the WC31DH chassis to handle all data and control plane Ethernet, and the second switch slot is dedicated to the expansion plane – Ethernet, PCIe and/or LVDS , ideally suited for low latency jamming or radar applications.
“The new VITA 91 high-density connector allows for a completely switched backplane, so the expansion plane is no longer defined by a fixed backplane PCB, but is now fully reconfigurable,” said Jay Grandin, Annapolis Micro Systems VP of Product Development.
“This not only allows for all the slots to be on the same non-blocking Ethernet switch instead of two switches chained together, but it facilitates a flexible, programmable expansion plane. This supports either 8x Gen4 PCIe or 4x Gen4 PCIe, plus eight LVDS using the WP3P20 Switch or dual 100Gb Ethernet with the WP3E20 Switch.”

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