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GMR1000 Multi-Functional Master Clock  

GMR100 Multifunctional Master Clock

Posted by Laura B
July 09, 2021

Masterclock will be at DSEI 2021. Find out More...

The GMR1000 is Masterclock’s most compact and versatile timing solution. Approved as a Trusted Platform for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the GMR1000 is a SWAP-optimised and robust time server that can be mounted in a 19” rack.

The master clock is capable of syncing to a variety of timing references and providing a range of outputs including NTP, GPS, GNSS, IEEE1588v2 PTP, IRIG-B, SMPTE, 10Mhz, 1PPS and more.

There are a number of configurations available, and the base model includes both NTP server and client functionality compatible within IPv4 and IPv6 networks, offering AES256 SSH encryption for secure communications. Optional modules provide flexible input/output signal support, and three high stability oscillators are available for the most demanding applications.

Each GMR1000 used by the FAA for example is equipped with on-board GPS reception capabilities for long-term steering and oven-compensated quartz crystal oscillators (OCXOs) to provide accurate holdover to mitigate disruptions to GPS availability while ensuring accurate timing signals continue to be delivered via Precise Time Protocol (PTP) to downstream dependent equipment during a disrupted RF environment.

Using standard NTP polling rates, the GMR1000 can support and synchronise hundreds of thousands of NTP clients. Optionally, the device can act as a IEEE 1588v2 PTP grandmaster or slave clock, time code generator, NENA time server, and more. It is also backwards compatible with legacy signals, making it a great choice for upgrades as well as brand new projects.

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