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PCIe Board based on Intel® Agilex™ I-Series SoC FPGA

Agilex FPGAAgilex I-series SOC FPGA PCIe Board

Posted by Laura B
January 10, 2022


The latest FPGA offering from Intel to be released into the market is the Agilex series. Intel® Agilex™ FPGA devices leverage heterogeneous 3D system-in-package (SiP) technology to integrate Intel’s first FPGA fabric built on 10 nm SuperFin Technology. For applications requiring embedded processors, Intel® Agilex™ SoC FPGAs offer integrated quad-core Arm* Cortex-A53 processor.

Intel® Agilex™ I-Series SoC FPGA devices are optimised for applications which are bandwidth intensive and require high performance processor interfaces.

The XpressSX AGI-FH400G from REFLEX CES has been designed around the extensive capabilities of the Intel® Agilex™ I-Series SoC FPGA, including the CXL™ standard interface, the PCIe Gen5 x16 interface, and transceiver tiles with data rates up to 116 Gbps.

View Product - XpressSX AGI-FH400G

The Intel® Agilex™ I-Series SoC FPGA is ideal for a broad array of applications such as networking Acceleration, SmartNIC or security. The requirements for each of these markets have been fully analysed, and the FPGA has been designed specifically to minimise any constraints.

For example, a SmartNIC (smart network interface card) is a programmable accelerator, used to make data centre networking, security and storage efficient and flexible. The Intel® Agilex™ I-Series SoC FPGA integrates a hard processor core and programmable logic on the same die, which provides more flexibility and integration. When combined with the numerous and various interfaces on the XpressSX AGI-FH400G, such as 400 Gb Ethernet, PCIe Gen5 x16 (CXL™ compatible), HSI connectors (offering transceivers for the PCI Express), power supplies, USB 2.0 port (for JTAG, UART, BMC), high-speed transceivers, DDR4 (on-board and SO-DIMM) interfaces and more, it has to be considered as the best solution for your acceleration applications.

The Agilex PCIe board is full height, half length, 2-slot PCI Express form factor, specially designed to fit into various servers and chassis available on the market, and custom rack systems for embedded applications. The board is also supported by REFLEX’s firmware, hardware, and software skills and full documentation package and reference designs, and by utilising the Intel® Quartus Prime development tools you can dramatically reduce time to market.

Intel® Agilex™ FPGA Architecture white paper

Please get in touch with our knowledgeable engineers to discuss the benefits of the Agilex SOC FPGA board and how it might benefit your application.


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