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DM-U.2 - PXI Express Removable Storage

Removable PXIE Storage

Posted by Laura B
July 27, 2021

PXIE U.2 Removable Storage
If you’re looking for digital recording products for managing your critical data, you should take a look at the real-time, long-duration digital recording and playback systems from our partner, Conduant. Their StreamStor® products excel in environments where large volumes of high-speed data are generated (e.g. radio astronomy, video imaging, radar, electronic surveillance), providing error-free recording and playback.
Conduant has a growing array of off-the-shelf solutions to meet the most demanding of data recording needs, including rack mount systems, PCI Express cabled systems, and circuit board solutions (PCIe, PXIe).
The latest product in the DM (Disk Module) series, which provides a wide variety of PXIe-compatible storage options, is the DM.U2 storage unit. The DM.U2 is a PXIe dock with U.2 storage, which is easily removable for security purposes, defence/military or government applications.

What is U.2 Storage?

U.2, formerly known as SFF-8639, is a computer interface standard for connecting solid-state drives (SSDs) to a computer. The U.2 connector is mechanically identical to the SATA Express device plug, but provides four PCI Express lanes through a different usage of available pins.

U.2 is another SSD form factor once relegated exclusively to high end workstations and server motherboards but has become more mainstream with recently released chipsets. Because of the larger form factor, U.2 has a higher storage capacity – around 4TB+ compared to the 2TB max from M.2.

The DM.U2 is brand new, and available to customers in the UK and Ireland exclusively from Sarsen Technology.  For more information or to request a datasheet please get in touch.

  •     PXIe dock with removable U.2 storage
  •     Ideal for rapid remove/replace between recording sessions
  •     Ideal for data security in remove/lockup environments
  •     Capacities up to 7.68 TB
  •     PXI Express form factor
  •     4-lane PCI Express Gen3 interface
  •     NVM Express (NVMe) protocol for optimal performance
  •     Compatible with major operating systems
  •     Software RAID multiple units for additional storage capacity and performance


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