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How We Can Help You Mitigate Extended Lead Times


Posted by Laura B
Updated Wednesday, 20 April 2022
Following a productive start to the year the team at Sarsen are busier than ever with new applications and the continuing recovery of projects put on hold due to the pandemic.
The renewed confidence in the UK technology market means that industry demand for products and services is still outstripping supply. While this kind of growth is extremely welcome after what has been a turbulent year for many companies, it has started a trend whereby the demand is outpacing the supply for both bare PCB fabrication and electronic components.
This in turn has a knock-on effect to supply of embedded boards and system elements, with lead times for components increasing by more than 50 weeks in some cases. As a direct result of these shortages component prices are still increasing. We believe that we could be looking at another 8-12 months of component shortages across the board, whilst the chip manufacturers catch up with demand.
Our supply chain is monitoring the changes to availability within their BOMs, but as with any industry dealing with cutting edge technology it’s difficult to anticipate what customers might need at any one time without a forecast.
While we’re monitoring the situation closely, we’re asking customers to help us to manage their future requirements and avoid lead time issues by reviewing their MRP and placing purchase orders as far in advance as possible. Critical components are allocated to orders on a first-come-first-served basis, so earlier orders will receive components first. We can offer scheduled deliveries and stock holding if required. Those customers who provide a forecast will also see the benefit in terms of reduced lead times, since the required components can be allocated in advance.
By letting us know what you think you’re going to need over the next 12 months, or even better placing a scheduled order for requirements out to 2023, we can support your projects more efficiently by mitigating against the ever-extending lead times and increasing costs and protecting your schedule.
For more information, please contact our team:
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