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The Easiest Route to Developing Your 100GbE SOSA-based Application

SOSA DEVELOPMENT KIT - The Easiest Route to Starting Your SOSA Project

Posted by Laura B Wednesday 21 April, 2021

100GbE SOSA Development Kit
If you haven’t heard about SOSA, you’re probably not the only one, but it’s about to become big news for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems.

What is SOSA?

SOSA, or the Sensor Open System Architecture, is a collaboration between government and industry to establish guidelines for C4ISR systems. The intention is to encourage the use of SOSA in both government and commercial markets across the world.

How will SOSA Benefit My Application?

Using OpenVPX as its framework, SOSA aims to ensure improved SWaP-C optimisation, extensive reconfiguration options and rapid technology upgrades within a wide range of applications. SOSA will give designers maximum flexibility in the initial selection of subsystems as well as quicker time to deployment and easier, faster, and cheaper technology refresh projects, which translate to lower system life cycle costs and better tracking of technological innovation over the life of the deployed system.

The pre-defined slot profiles means that COTS SOSA-aligned backplanes are now available which can be used by designers in their deployed platform, reducing development time significantly, and providing a standard building block for a more flexible solution overall. Connectivity will be driven by functionality of the chosen slot profile rather than the limitations of a particular board or module. This could open the SOSA standard to a wider market than just C4ISR and sensor based applications.

How Can I Start Developing with SOSA Technology?

Annapolis Micro Systems was an early adopter of the modular open standards model for COTS product development and has designed a range of popular SOSA-aligned products, which are all part of Annapolis' proven VITA 65-compliant WILD100 EcoSystem™ for OpenVPX. The SOSA-aligned WILD100 EcoSystem, with plug-n-play COTS boards, has the densest FPGA processing and highest bandwidth available in the industry. This allows customers to digitise, process, and record significantly more data than ever before.

Their next-generation 3U OpenVPX Development Kit is both SOSA™-aligned and 100Gb Ethernet capable, and is designed from the ground up to economically speed development of 100GbE Systems for Signal Processing, Software-Defined Radio, RADAR, SIGINT/ELINT, Beamforming, and Commercial applications.

Annapolis 100GbE SOSA Developement Kit

With SOSA Version 1.0 publishing in 2021, this COTS benchtop SOSA Development Kit is timed to facilitate the rapid development and testing of boards and systems that are aligned with this super-standard. The stock Kit includes a 7-slot 3U Chassis, Backplane, secure Chassis Manager, FPGA Board with Gen 3 RFSoC Mezz Card, 100GbE Switch, SBC, VITA blocks, and MIL-DTL-38999 cable.

For more information, including availability, configuration and pricing, please get in touch with our engineering team.
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