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StreamStor Modular Recording System with Xilinx Aurora Capability

Posted by Laura B
August 10, 2022

Conduant Website

About Conduant

Founded in 1996 as Boulder Instruments, Conduant has quickly become a leader in ultra-fast, long-duration digital recording and playback systems. Our systems are designed for scientific research, military, and instrumentation applications. Conduant has a growing array of off-the-shelf solutions to meet the most demanding of data recording needs. These products include rack mount systems, PCI Express cabled systems, and circuit board solutions (PCIe, PXIe). They also offer custom design and engineering services to push performance for clients with extreme environment condition requirements such as temperature, shock, and vibration.
Modular Recording System with Xilinx Aurora Capability

We’ve have worked with the excellent team at Conduant Corps for almost 20 years, and have supplied their ultra-fast digital data recorders and storage units into a wide variety of military, scientific, commercial, mobile and stationary applications. Their products are extremely reliable and provide guaranteed, sustained performance to meet the most demanding of data recording needs.

As a Xilinx® Alliance Program Member, Conduant has announced Xilinx® Aurora serial data transfer protocol compatibility with their flagship StreamStor® Modular Recording System - Cobra.

About StreamStor®

With up to 24 channels of fibre at data rates each up to 16 Gbps, the StreamStor® Modular Recording System is designed to be the most flexible data recorder/player on the market, with custom implementations available combining channels to offer higher speed interfaces to suit your needs.

Conduant’s StreamStor® controllers feature high speed Xilinx FPGAs to reliably move data from external IO interfaces such as multi-lane fibre optics to and from the storage media, making them highly configurable and easy to interface with Xilinx development boards or other Xilinx-based designs.

What is Xilinx Aurora Protocol?

The Xilinx Aurora Protocol is a communications protocol developed by Xilinx designed to enable easy implementation of Xilinx transceivers for use on point-to-point serial links.

Aurora IP is intended for use in high-speed (gbps and more) connections internally in a computer or in an embedded system It uses either 8b/10b encoding or 64b/66b encoding and can be used in any application that requires serial point-to-point connectivity.

StreamStor® Xilinx Compatibility

Almost any Xilinx® development board that has high-speed serial optical lanes can connect with StreamStor® using the Xilinx Aurora protocol. It is also possible to connect multiple Xilinx development boards to a single StreamStor® Recorder.

The Xilinx FPGA on the Cobra optionally includes up to 24 channels (48 fibres) of high speed optical and can be configured to support many different high speed serial protocols including ODI (Optical Data Interface), Interlaken, Serial FPDP, and Xilinx Aurora. The Xilinx FPGA also allows Conduant the flexibility to customise an implementation for a particular protocol.

Flexible and Modular Recording Solution

The latest StreamStor® - Cobra - is packaged in a PXI Express chassis, but users also have the ability to optically connect it to a device of a different form factor.

The Conduant StreamStor® Recorder/Player has been designed to record and/or play back data streams at very high sustained data rates, and as highly customisable, modular systems we are able to provide the best performance possible within a system tailored to our customers' specific requirements. This technology lends itself to myriad applications, from 5G to instrumentation to electromagnetic warfare and more.

For more information or to set up an engineering application review with one of our team please get in touch.


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