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News Bytes - Latest Edition


Staff Spotlight:
Laura Kirkpatrick

Sarsen Technology - Laura Kirkpatrick

Posted by Laura B
September 06, 2022
For our latest Staff Spotlight feature, we talk to our newest member of staff, Laura Kirkpatrick. In her spare time Laura K is an accomplished artist, regularly organising exhibitions (virtual and real) and selling her work.

Meet Laura K:
10 years ago, what did you think you would be doing now?
I would have been very busy with my young children back then - probably hoping that at some point I would be able to restart my career again but in a way that could balance work and family life.
What quote do you live your life by?
Be kind!
What's the one thing you couldn't live without?
Spending time outside in the countryside (with my family – since Angela managed to squeeze in more than one thing !!)
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m an artist so spend any spare time in my studio / converted shed either painting or making sculptures.
What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?
I'm reading The Water Dancer by Ta- Nehisi Coates, I’ve just gotten back into my library habit again after all the closures!
What's your previous working experience?
Various marketing, design and admin roles. I worked in America for a few years – which is where I met my husband.
What's your favourite thing about life at Sarsen?
Its such a nice group of people, they have made me feel really welcome and it’s a really nice work culture.
What are you excited about during the next year at Sarsen?
Really get stuck in and getting to know the Sarsen landscape. Sarsen has so many great clients and suppliers.



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