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NTP & PTP Grandmaster Clock - It's About Time

NTP & PTP Grandmaster Clock - GMR5000


Posted by Laura B
August 23, 2022

About Masterclock

How important is time in your projects? Are you a free spirit, believing time is a social construct designed to control how we function as a society, or is precise timing critical to you for ensuring seamless support for mission critical applications?

Even if you’re somewhere in between, the GMR5000 is a master clock that can reference a variety of timing sources and provide a range of outputs including NTP, PTP, SMPTE, and IRIG-B, making it an ideal choice for everything from timing and control systems in an office to financial networks, broadcasting, weather stations, air traffic control and military applications including radar, ISR and even ballistics test ranges.

Sound good so far?

Alongside it’s impressive credentials for timing sources, the GMR5000 multi-function master clock includes both NTP server and client functionality compatible with IPv4/IPv6 networks and offers AES 256 SSH encryption for secure communications.

When equipped with a GPS or GNSS receiver the GMR can lock to GPS and/or GNSS satellite constellations, providing near‐atomic clock precision. The GMR can also read NMEA and NENA messages to set its system time, or time can be set manually, and it can generate NMEA, NENA or Truetime/Kinemetrics. Holdover accuracy and stability is maintained with a high‐stability TCXO oscillator that can be upgraded to an OCXO or Rubidium oscillator option.

For more information about the GMR5000 or any of the precision timing products from Masterclock please contact one of our knowledgeable engineers - Stuart and Gavin.
Key Features:
  • Supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo
  • Stratum 1 synchronization via satellite constellations
  • Receive time signals from up to 24 satellites
  • Accurate reference to within ± 15 ns of UTC
  • PPS on-time output is locked to the top of each second
  • NMEA-0183 messages on serial port output
  • Provides most accurate external time source for GMR devices
  • Compact antenna designs for portable applications
  • Optional magnetic-mount or standard-mount antennas
  • Antenna cable lengths up to 500 ft (152 m) available
  • In-line surge arrestors and in-line GNSS amplifiers available
  • FCC, ROHS, CE Marked, ANSI


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