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Rugged, High Performance ADC and DAC - DM60


Posted by Laura B
October 04, 2021
Here at Sarsen, we’re constantly seeking out the latest and greatest technology to share with our network of engineers and designers. One of the most interesting product lines we’re currently talking about is the high-performance WILD FMC+ ADC and DAC module family from Annapolis Micro Systems.

WILD FMC+ (WFMC+™) is Annapolis’ breakthrough next-generation design that addresses the limitations of FMC+. WFMC+ is a superset of the FMC/FMC+ specification, allowing industry-standard FMC and FMC+ mezzanine cards to plug into an FPGA base board, and supports 32 HSS and 100 LVDS as opposed to 24 HSS and 80 LVDS for FMC+. This provides the ability to support higher density ADC and DAC solutions.

Annapolis’ ADC and DAC Mezzanine Cards have been designed from the ground up for superior density and analog performance. The high-performance WILD FMC+ DM60 ADC & DAC has two input bandwidth options, internal sample clock options and internal 10MHz reference clock options. multiple ADC speed grades in dual or quad channel configurations, combined with multiple DAC speed grades in dual channels. It provides excellent analog performance with flexible high-precision trigger options.

The DM60 has a choice of speed grades that utilise the ADC12DJ2700, ADC12DJ3200 and ADC12DJ5200RF ADCs, up to 10GSPS. It allows for ADC and DAC speed grades up to 10.0GSps and 6.0GSps, respectively. The WILD FMC+ DM60 ADC & DAC also gives the user the ability to have up to eight ADC and four DAC channels in one 6U OpenVPX slot.

The rugged DM60 is compatible with any WILDSTAR mainboard with a WILD FMC+ slot.
  • Choice of ADC Speed Grades.
  • Choice of DAC Speed Grades.
  • Capability to have two or four ADC and two DAC channels in one 3U OpenVPX slot when plugged into WILDSTAR OpenVPX FPGA mainboards
  • Capability to have four or eight ADC and four DAC channels in one 6U OpenVPX slot when plugged into WILDSTAR OpenVPX FPGA mainboards
  • Compatible with any WILDSTAR mainboard with a WFMC+ slot
  • Firmware and Software for four channel data transmit interface and clock trigger synchronization provided in CoreFire Next and VHDL source

The DM60 is supported by a range of FPGA boards from Annapolis, all featuring the WFMC+ slot.

For more information please contact one of our engineers -

Annapolis designs and manufactures embedded Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) boards and systems for high performance embedded computing and digital signal processing (DSP). They provide solutions for both military and commercial markets.
Annapolis Micro Systems manufactures all of its Intel and Xilinx FPGA boards and systems for OpenVPX and PCIe in their 16,000 square foot state of the art production facility in Maryland.  The manufacturing facility includes inventory, SMT, hand assembly, inspection, production test and rework.



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