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C to FPGA Tools and Design Services

Founded in 2002, Impulse Accelerated Technologies is a Washington State based company specialising in high performance and high reliability solutions which accelerate compute bound software modules by offloading them to FPGA. With over a decade of experience Impulse offers sophisticated tools that work with Altera FPGA-based boards from BittWare, as well as Xilinx-based FPGA modules from Extreme Engineering and DAVE Embedded Systems.

Impulse C enables developers to rapidly prototype offloading CPU bound applications by moving them to multiple streaming processes running in FPGA hardware and software. C and VHDL can be combined in heterogeneous programming. Impulse C even outputs IEEE compliant VHDL to simulators from Mentor and Aldec.

Solutions and IP are available for image, video and signal processing; encryption, FFT, GigE camera interfaces, network packet inspection, object capture, convolution, and protocol conversions. Impulse offers design services and training, working as part of your team to rapidly deploy your design, accelerated in FPGA. Impulse integrations enable developers to address board memory, I/O and other hardware from C.

Please visit for full details of the tools and services on offer.

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November 2017 - XPedite6401 Now Available with NXP Arm-based QorIQ Processors Integrating four 64-bit Arm Cortex-A72 Cores

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) announces added support for the NXP QorIQ LS1046A and LS1026A processors to XPedite6401 XMC/PMC mezzanine module.