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ZNYX Networks is a leading global provider of embedded Ethernet solutions for CarrierClass™ systems. ZNYX Networks technologies are used by equipment manufacturers and system integrators to create solutions with high availability, high performance, and strict compliance to telecommunications standards.

AdvancedTCA Ethernet Switches and ZX2000 5U Packet Processing Platforms, along with the OpenArchitect management environment, enable mission critical, full line-speed bump in the wire packet processing applications, with the fastest possible fail-over for packet switched networks (often sub 50 millisecond), while supporting local and geographical redundancy, all with unmatched performance.

Typical applications include cyber security, firewalls, airborne Internet services, terabit routers, video media gateways, call server platforms, application servers, central office switching, voice-over-IP gateways, and wireless base stations.

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June 2017 - BittWare Announces S10VG4 PCIe Board with Intel Stratix 10 FPGA

BittWare has announced the S10VG4 - their first Stratix 10 board based on the new Viper thermal management platform. The board features an Intel Stratix 10 GX FPGA with 2.7M logic elements, 100GbE, and OpenCL support.