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Netcope Technologies is a European manufacturer and supplier of high-performance network solutions.

Focused on providing cutting edge solutions for high speed network processing, Netcope has been stretching the limits of network technology for over a decade. Their flagship product, Tradecope, is a low-latency solution for high-frequency and algorithmic electronic trading, with full tick-to-trade pipeline in FPGA.

For a detailed review of your application please contact one of the engineering team to discuss your requirements.



Company Milestones

  • 2010  Formation of FPGA department within INVEA-TECH
  • 2012  Tradecope product development initiated
  • 2013  Start of DMON100 R&D project focused on 100GE technology
  • 2014  World’s first 100GE card launched and delivered to customers
  • 2014  Official announcement and marketing of Tradecope solution
  • 2015  Netcope Technologies formed as an independent company
  • 2017  World’s first 200GE card launched and delivered to customers
  • 2017  Netcope P4 product introduced


Sarsen Technology Newsletter - May 2022

We have had a strong start to the year and are excited to bring you some brand new technology, details of our first post-pandemic event and some fantastic industry insight videos and articles.