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Netcope Technologies is a European manufacturer and supplier of high-performance network solutions.

Focused on providing cutting edge solutions for high speed network processing, Netcope has been stretching the limits of network technology for over a decade. Their flagship product, Tradecope, is a low-latency solution for high-frequency and algorithmic electronic trading, with full tick-to-trade pipeline in FPGA.

For a detailed review of your application please contact one of the engineering team to discuss your requirements.



Company Milestones

  • 2010  Formation of FPGA department within INVEA-TECH
  • 2012  Tradecope product development initiated
  • 2013  Start of DMON100 R&D project focused on 100GE technology
  • 2014  World’s first 100GE card launched and delivered to customers
  • 2014  Official announcement and marketing of Tradecope solution
  • 2015  Netcope Technologies formed as an independent company
  • 2017  World’s first 200GE card launched and delivered to customers
  • 2017  Netcope P4 product introduced


February 2021 - EIZO Releases 3U VPX Graphics/GPGPU Card with Three Outputs and Compute Power for Rugged AI at the Edge

EIZO Rugged Solutions announces two additional rugged 3U VPX graphics and GPGPU cards supporting the NVIDIA Turing architecture.