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Alaric Arria 10 SoC FMC PCIe DevKit


Alaric Arria® 10 SoC FMC PCIe DevKit

The Arria® 10 SoC FMC Instant-Development Kit from REFLEX CES provides developers with an intuitive out of the box experience, combining a best-in-class compact Intel Arria 10 FPGA hardware platform and an efficient software environment.

The unique install and GUI interface allows an immediate start, and comprehensive reference designs enable fast turn-around designs, shortening and securing the development process.

Target Markets
Video capture and processing,
Test & Measurement


Featured Device

  • FPGA Arria® 10 SX 10AS066H3F34I2SG (660K LEs in F34 package FBGA / production device)
  • ROHS compliant Arria® 10 FPGA PCIe FMC Instant-DevKit

Board & soft programming

  • On board JTAG configuration circuitry to enable configuration over on board USB blaster
  • JTAG header provided to program the MAXV and access to the Arria® 10.
  • Fast passive parallel (FPP) configuration via MAX®10 device and flash memory
  • Active Serial (AS) configuration via 128MB (1024Mb) Quad serial SPI Nor Flash
  • AS configuration for CvP support
  • Hard Processor System (HPS) Configuration Device
    • Serial NOR FLASH -SPI 128 Mbits connected to the HPS of the FPGA
    • One microSD 8 GB SDHC Class 10 (already insert into the support connector) with factory image boot

Communication & Interfaces

  • PCIe edge connector for Gen3 x4 (32Gb/s)
  • PCIe Root connector for Gen3 x4 (32Gb/s)
  • 2 x RJ45 copper connector 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet (Through RGMII PHY) connected to the Fabric logic of the FPGA.
  • 1 x RJ45 copper connector 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet (Through RGMII PHY) connected to the HPS of the FPGA.
  • One serial over USB High speed link (through USB Hub)
  • Mini USB connector B-type to enable the USB2.0 PHY OTG high speed, ULPI interface connected to the HPS of the FPGA.
  • FMC High Pin Count (HPC) compliant 1V8 interface
    • 160 LVCMOS (1.8V) usable as 80 LVDS (1.8V, 2.5V)
    • 4 dedicated LDVS clocks that respect the VITA57.1 pinout assignment usable as LVDS signals or 8 LVCMOS
    • 10 XCVR (up to: 14.2Gb/s)*


  • 4 x SDRAM DDR3 (a bandwidth of 8 bits per component for a total depth of 2GB) up to 2133 MT/s connected to the Fabric logic of the FPGA
  • 4 x SDRAM DDR3 (a bandwidth of 8 bits per component for a total depth of 2GB) up to 2133 MT/s connected to the HPS of the FPGA
  • Serial NOR FLASH -SPI 128 Mbits
  • 32Kb I2C EEPROM

Other resources

  • DisplayPort  Rev1.2 (up to 5.4Gbit/s)
  • MicroSD Card connector
  • MAX 10 Power supplies monitoring with its ADCs solution
  • +12V on a JACK/Edge PCIe connector
  • LCD Monitoring
  • DIP Switches
  • Diff Pair I/O (1 SMA pair)
  • On board UART over USB solution on Max 10 (µUSB connector).

Clock Circuitry

  • System clock 100 MHz (Max 10 / Arria® 10)
  • 3 SMA connectors (1 main input clock + 1 output programmable clock)
  • SILICON LABS tree innovative clock generation SI5341, on board PLL solution with very low Jitter which programmable 9 output clocks 100Hz to 800MHz LVDS to FPGA clock system
    • Input 0: Differential clock from PLL_CLKOUT FPGA output
    • Input 1: Single ended clock from SMA connector
    • Input 2: Dedicated default input clock for the SI341 from on board 100 MHz oscillator.

Board Size :

  • Length : 240 mm (9.45 inches)
  • Height :  111.15mm (4.38 inches) / Standard Height PCIe
  • Thickness : 1.57 mm (0.062 inches) / Standard Thickness PCIe


  • 12V wall adapter or ATX / cables (US, UK, EU, JP)
  • Voltage and Current measurement capability of 2.5V, 1.5V, and 1.2V, 1.0V supplies (I²C path to FPGA)

* Production Device with transceiver speed grade 3 can reach 14.2 Gb/s chip to chip links, The VITA 57.1 standard allows interfaces up to 10 Gb/s


The Arria® 10 SoC FMC Instant Development Kit includes hardware such as FMC Header, on-board USB Blaster, DDR4, PCIe capabilities and much more.

  • One Arria® 10 SoC FMC IDK board ( PCIe Bracket, Active fan already mounted)
  • Power desk adapter (AC/DC) 192W, 12V, 16A
  • Power cables (US, UK, EU, JP)
  • One USB standard cable A-type to Micro USB connector, 1.8 m length
  • One USB adapter USB A female / mini B male 20 cm length
  • One Ethernet cable CAT5E RJ-45, 17,7 cm length
  • One display port cable , 1.5 m length
  • Two SMA cables, 0.25 m length
  • One FMC loop back board
  • One PCIe loop back board
  • One LCD (2 lines x 16 characters, I2C, 5V)
  • ReFLEX innovative software interface (GUI on Windows) on USB Key with targeted test designs* and hardware documentation
  • OpenCL BSP HPC (Host-In-x86)
  • Starter Guide
  • 12-months limited warranty

Ordering information

Ordering information

  • Development Kit (FPGA Arria® 10 SX 660)  RXCA10S066PF34-IDK00A
  • OpenCL BSP HPC (Host-In-x86) - RXCA10S0000F34-BSP00B (upon request)
  • OpenCL BSP HPC (Host-In-HPS) - RXCA10S0000F34-BSP00D (upon request)