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NXP i.MX6 Single - Dual - Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU Module

AXEL ULTRA is the new top-class Single - Dual - Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU module from DAVE Embedded Systems, based on the recent NXP i.MX6 application processor.

Customers can save time and resources by using a compact solution that supports scalable performances and perfectly fits the application requirements by avoiding complexities on the carrier board.

AXEL Ultra enables designers to create smart products suitable for harsh mechanical and thermal environments, allowing the development of high performance and extremely reliable solutions. Designers are able to share the application across the multicore platform, or divide the task on different cores in order to match with specific application requirements. Asymmetrix Multicore Processing (AMP) makes it possible to create applications where RTOS and Linux work together on different cores.


  • Unmatched performances thanks to Single/Dual/Quad Core @ up to 1.2 GHz
  • All memories you need on-board
  • Boot from NOR for safe applications
  • Enabling massive computing applications thanks to wide range DDR3 RAM memory up to 4GB
  • Wide range PSU input from 2.8V to 4.5V
  • High mechanical retention up to 100G shock thanks to 3x140pins and 4 screw holes
  • Reduced carrier complexity: dual CAN, USB, Ethernet GB, PCIe, SATA and native 3.3V I/O
  • Suitable for Asymmetric Multicore Processing
  • Timing application thanks to on-board 5ppm RTC


NXP i.MX6 Solo (i.MX6S) - i.MX6 Dual (i.MX6D) - i.MX6 Dual Lite (i.MX6DL) - i.MX6 Quad core (i.MX6Q)
ARMv7 architecture
Cortex A9 @ 1.2 GHz

NEON Media Technology,  VFPvd16, Trustzone support
Superior 3D graphics performance with up to quad shaders performing 200 Mt/s and OpenCL support
Separate 2D and/or Vertex acceleration engines for an optimal user interface experience
Stereoscopic image sensor support for 3D imaging
Multi-stream-capable HD video engine delivering 1080p60 decode, 1080p30 encode and 3D video playback in HD in high-performance families

On-board power supply supervision and power sequencer
Watchdog and RTC

Cache - 32 Kbyte instruction, 32 Kbyte data per core, 1 MB unified data/instructions L2 cache
SDRAM - up to 4GB DDR3
NOR - up to 64MB NOR SPI
NAND - All sizes, on request
SRAM - 128 Kbyte

LAN - Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps (PHY on board)
UART - 4x UART ports four-wires, 1x UART ports eight-wires
USB - 1x 2.0 OTG port (PHY on board), 1x 2.0 Host port (PHY on board)
CAN - Dual CAN controller (version 2 part B) (1x with PHY on board)
Expansion bus - PCIe 2.0, 5.0 Gbps channel, Media Local Bus (6-pin, differential)
Storage - 1x SATA 3.0 Gbps channel
Debug - JTAG IEEE 1149.1 Test Access Port, ETM port
PC Card - 4x SD/MMC card
Audio - 3x I²S / SSI / AC97
Other - 3x I²C channels, 5x SPI channel, GPIOs available, 8x8 Keypad

Resolution - 16-/24bit HD Display Port
Type - 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x TFT/RGB, 2x LVDS output port, 1x MIPI DSI
Touch Screen - Yes
Input - 1x 20bit video input, 1x MIPI CSI port
Decoding/Encoding - Up to 1080p60 H264 decode, Up to 1080p30 H264 encode

Connectors - 3 x 140 pin 0.6mm pitch
Size - 85 mm x 50 mm
Temperature - Commercial (0°C / +70°C) or Industrial (-40°C / +85°C)

Input - 2.8-4.5V wide range input, voltage regulation on board
FPGA banks - Configurable working voltage

Bootloader - U-Boot
Multitasking - Linux 3.x.x, Suitable for AMP Asymmetric Multitasking Process

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There are a number of configurations available. Please contact Sarsen Technology for more details.