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Annapolis Micro Systems Appoints Sarsen Technology Ltd as Its Exclusive Distributor in the UK and Ireland

Marlborough, UK – March 25, 2019

About Annapolis Micro Systems
Founded in 1982, Annapolis Micro Systems is the leader in FPGA-based super-high-performance systems utilized for signal processing applications for defense and commercial requirements.
Annapolis systems are truly COTS-based due to the development of a breakthrough product line – WILDSTAR™ – and ecosystem – Wild100™ – that feature unprecedented interoperability, scalability, and forward/backward compatibility.
All Annapolis products are engineered and manufactured under one roof in the United States.  This co-location of engineering and manufacturing allows for better quality control and production flexibility, and substantially more aggressive delivery schedules.

Laura Biddiscombe
Sarsen Technology Limited
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Annapolis Micro Systems Announces the Appointment of Sarsen Technology Ltd as its Exclusive Distributor in the UK and Ireland

Sarsen Technology is pleased to announce that it has been named by Annapolis Micro Systems as the exclusive sales and marketing partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Based in Maryland, USA, Annapolis Micro Systems designs, manufactures, and programs high-performance COTS and modified COTS FPGA-based Boards and Systems for challenging data acquisition, digital signal processing, and data storage applications. Their designs maximise FPGA real estate and available pins per package to yield maximum performance as well as being rugged and reliable, meeting harsh environmental requirements.

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Nigel Norman, MD Sarsen Technology says, “With the addition of Annapolis to the product line Sarsen Technology is now positioned as a leading supplier of embedded COTS technology to all of the UK Mil/Aero primes.  Our key customers have been asking us for new and innovative FPGA solutions for synthetic aperture radar, software defined radio and signal intelligence applications.  The new generation of Xilinx RFSoC FPGA devices is especially exciting.  Annapolis Micro Systems has the design and manufacturing expertise to meet the technology needs of our most demanding customer applications.”
“Due to the Sarsen relationship, the UK and Ireland are poised to become our largest market outside North America,” says Noah Donaldson, Annapolis Micro Systems Chief Technology Officer. “Our partnership with Sarsen gives our UK and Ireland customers an experienced and knowledgeable local liaison for providing responsive technical service and support.”
Since their inception in 1982, Annapolis Micro Systems has become a leader in reconfigurable computing systems. Their products are designed for advanced HPC, ISR, and multi-function EW applications, including phased array radar, cybersecurity network processing, DRFM, beamforming, sensor processing, wireless communication, and radar signal processing.
For more information about the new relationship and how it could benefit your application please contact Sarsen Technology on +44 1672 511166, or email

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