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XpressGX S10-FH200G


XpressGX/SX S10-FH200G Stratix® 10 FPGA PCIe Board

The XpressGX S10-FH200G and the XpressSX S10-FH200G from Reflex CES are full height PCIe Network Processing boards featuring the Intel Stratix 10 FPGA.

The boards offer support for up to 200G Ethernet, and provide 3 independent banks of on board DDR4.

Target markets include Data Centre and Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, High Speed Financial Trading, High Performance Computing and Broadcast and Video.


FPGA Configuration

  • Stratix® 10 FPGA L-tile (1SG280LU3F50E2VG) and H-tile (1SG280HU1F50E2VG) versions
  • 10M16SAU169I7G MAX10 CPLD
  • USB2.0 Micro connector for JTAG, UART and BMC access
  • 1x NOR Flash 1GB quad SPI FPGA AS configuration
  • 1x NOR Flash 1GB for Avalon-ST8 configuration mode


  • 1x bank DDR4 VLP RDIMM 25° socket , 16GBytes, x72bit, up to 2400 MT/s *
    OR 1x bank QDR2+Xtrem 2 chips 72Mbit, x36bit, up to 633MHz, custom RDIMM
  • 1x bank DDR4, 8GBytes, x72bit, up to 2400MT/s *
  • 1x bank DDR4, 4GBytes, x72bit, up to 2400MT/s * (HPS bank mutual with FPGA)
  • 2 x banks QDRII+ Xtrem 72Mbit each x18bit, up to 633MHz

* Please contact the sales team to understand the limitations of ES FPGA based boards

Communication Interfaces

  • PCIe Gen3 x16 (Gen4 x8 capable)
  • 2x QSFP28 quad optical cage (2 x 4 XCVR : 17 Gb/s or 28 Gb/s per link)
  • 2x SAMTEC FireFly quad connector (17 Gb/s or 28Gb/s each XCVR) - 1 FireFly connected to 100G IP
  • MiniSAS quad connector (1 HD SAS, 4 SATA HDD, NVMe interface capable)
  • GPIO extension connector : 9 LVDS usable as 18 LVCMOS
  • XCVR extension connector : 10 XCVR, 8 LVDS, Clock In&Out
  • 36 dedicated HPS IO connector useable for custom daughter board for the SX version

Other resources

  • Programmable PLL oscillator (Si5341), output clocks frequency between 0.0001 MHz to 750 MHz
  • High precision oscillator, clock accuracy 20MHz- 0.05ppm for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588
  • One coax connector for PPS (pulse per second)
  • Max10 USB Blaster on board, UART over USB interface
  • Board Management Controller (BMC) for monitoring, EPCQ and clock programming, IPMI features


  • Max 240W, Delivered with a custom 1 slot PCIe passive heat-sink
  • 8-pin ATX Power supply connector with Oring protection

Operating Range : 0°C to 70°C

Board Dimensions : 254mm x 111.15mm

Standards and compliance

  • RoHS/REACH compliant
  • UL certified
  • ISO9001 Facility


Board Content

  • Full height 1 slot PCIe board with passive heat-sink and PCIe bracket
  • Board Support Package (Manuals, HDL test Designs, Extension connectors FPGA pinout connection)
  • One DDR4 16 GB 2400 MT/s very low profile registered dual in-line memory module (VLP RDIMM)
  • Kernel Linux support, U-boot bootloader and comprehensive user documentation
  • Operating System Support (Software package support for DDR4 SDRAM, eMMC flash, Quad SPI flash, USB host, Gigabit Ethernet, U-boot bootloader and comprehensive user documentation)

Ordering information

Please contact Sarsen to arrange a quote.

XpressGXS10L-FH201GT - Intel Stratix 10 GX 26G L-Tile version (1SG280LU2F50E2VG)
XpressGXS10H-FH200GT - Intel Stratix 10 GX 28G H-Tile version (1SG280HU1F50E2VG)