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16-Bit, 64/32-Channel, 500KSPS PCIe Analog Output Board (Chirp Generator)

The PCIe-16AO64C board from General Standards provides precision 16-bit high-speed analog output capability for PMC applications.

The 64 analog output channels offer either single-ended or balanced differential output ranges of ±10V and ±5V, or optionally 0 to +10V and 0 to +5V, and can be clocked simultaneously at rates up to 500 KSPS (Kilosamples per second) per channel. Both continuous and burst clocking modes are supported, and voltage ranges are software-selectable as ±10V or ±5V; or optionally as 0 to +10V or 0 to +5V.

Clocking and triggering rates can be derived from an internal rate generator, or from external clock and trigger sources to support the synchronous operation of multiple boards. When equipped with the optional outputs-disconnect feature, the outputs can be disconnected from the system I/O connector under software control.

Extended temperature versions are available, as are free Windows and Linux drivers.

Typical Applications
Precision Voltage Array
Servo Control
Waveform Synthesis
High Density Outputs
Process Control
Industrial Robotics



  • Precision 16-Bit simultaneously-clocked analog outputs: R-2R DAC per channel
  • Available with either 64 single-ended outputs, or 32 balanced-differential outputs
  • Software-selectable ranges of ±10V, ±5V. Optionally 0 to +10V, or 0 to +5V.
  • Output clocking rates from zero to 500K samples per second per channel.
  • Optional Outputs-Disconnect feature supports multiple-board redundancy, and eliminates outputs activity during autocalibration
  • Remote ground-sense input minimizes the effects of interground potentials
  • Supports both Block-mode and Demand-mode DMA transactions
  • 256K-Sample output data FIFO buffer; Configurable as open or closed (circular)
  • Simultaneous output clocking, with emulated sequential outputs also supported
  • Multiboard synchronization supported
  • Continuous and Triggered-Burst output modes support seamless waveform sequencing
  • Data clocking rate controlled internally or externally
  • High accuracy ensured by on-demand Autocalibration of all channels
  • x1 Link PCI Express Port operating at 2.5Gbps
  • Available on multiple form factors, including PCI, cPCI and PC104-Plus, as well as PMC, PCIX and cPCIX.

Technical documents

Ordering information

Specify the basic product model number followed by an option suffix "-A-B-C-D-E-F", as indicated below.

For example, model number PCIe-16AO64C-64S-BP-F1-49.152M-OD describes a module with 64 single-ended output channels, bipolar output ranges, no output filter, standard 49.152MHz master clock, Outputs - Disconnect feature installed, and no custom features.

Optional Parameter Value Specify Option As:
Number of Channels: 64 Single-ended output channels A = 64S
32 Differential output channels A = 32D
32 Single-ended output channels A = 32S
16 Differential output channels A = 16D
Output Ranges: Bipolar: Software-selectable ±10V, ±5V. B = BP
Unipolar: Software-selectable 0 to +10V, 0 to +5V. B = UP
Output Filters 1 No filter (~200kHz) C= F1
100kHz 1 C= F2
10kHz 1 C= F3
Master Clock Frequency 2 49.152MHz D= 49.152M
(TBD) D= (TBD)
Outputs Disconnect Feature No Outputs Disconnect E = 0
Outputs-Disconnect Feature Installed E = OD
Custom Features: --- F = 0 or blank

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