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16-Bit Analog Input/Output Board
With 8 Current Loop inputs, 4 Current Loop Outputs, and 16-Bit Digital I/O Port

The 66-16CLI8CLO4 from General Standards provides both voltage and current analog input/output capability in a single industry-standard module.

Analog inputs can be configured either as eight differential voltage inputs, 16 single-ended voltage inputs, or as current-loop terminations. Four analog output channels provide both voltage and current loop outputs, and are accessed through a 32 K-Sample FIFO buffer that operates independently of the analog input data buffer.

Available in PMC, PCI, cPCI and PC104-Plus and PCI Express form factors

Typical Applications
Voltage or Current I/O
Data Acquisition (DAS)
Ground Loop Elimination
Servo Control
Automatic Test (ATE)


  • Eight 16-Bit 0-20mA or 4-20mA scanned analog input channels, Software-configurable also as unipolar voltage inputs; 16 single-ended or eight differential, scaled as 0 to +10V, 0 to-+5V or 0 to +2.5V.
  • Four 16-Bit current-loop output channels, configurable as 0-20mA or 4-20mA ranges, driven by four voltage-output DACs scaled as 0 to +10V, 0 to +5V or 0 to +2.5V. Both the current-loop outputs and the outputs of the voltage-DACs are available at the system I/O connector.
  • Current-loop outputs have -15V to +11V compliance using internal supplies, or Zero to +31V compliance using an external +34V loop supply
  • Independent 32K-sample analog input and output FIFO buffers
  • 300K samples per second aggregate analog input sample rate ( 37 KSPS per channel for 8 active channels)
  • 300K samples per second per channel analog output clocking rate (1200 KSPS aggregate rate)
  • Multiple-channel and single-channel input scanning modes
  • Buffer amplifiers on all analog input lines
  • Supports waveform and arbitrary function generation, with continuous and one-shot modes
  • 16-Bit bi-directional TTL digital port
  • Internal rate generator controls input sampling, output sampling, or both simultaneously
  • Supports multiboard synchronisation of analog inputs and outputs
  • Internal autocalibration of analog input and output channels
  • Continuous and triggered-burst (one-shot) input and output Modes
  • DMA engine minimises host I/O overhead
  • 68-Pin SCSI system I/O connector with metal shell
  • 66MHz PCI support where applicable, with universal 5V/3.3V signaling


Configuration 16 input lines, configurable as 16 single-ended or 8 differential voltage channels, or as 8 current-loop termination channels. The inputs can be software-configured as (a) all voltage, (b) all current-loop, or as (c) four voltage and four current-loop.
Input Ranges Software configurable as zero to +10, +5 or +2.5 Volts in voltage mode, or as 0-20mA
or 4-20mA in current-loop mode.
Input Impedance Voltage Mode LO inputs: 1.0 Megohms line-to-ground, ±15%,
HI inputs: 10 Megohms line-to-ground, ±30%,
in parallel with 100pfd. Independent of scan rate.
Current Mode 250 Ohms ±0.15%; 500 Ohms ±0.15% with 500-Ohm option
(Effective sensed resistance at internal Kelvin connections.
Resistance measured at input pins may be 2-3 Ohms higher).
Bias Current 80 nanoamps maximum
Signal to Noise (SNR) 80 dB typical
Common Mode Rejection 60 dB typical, DC-60 Hz, differential input mode.
Common Mode Range ±12 Volts in differential or current-loop configuration with shorted inputs
Maximum Input Voltage ±12 Volts on either HI or LO input line for specified performance; for both voltage and
current-loop modes.
Overvoltage Protection Any Input Line: ±30 Volts with power applied; ±15 Volts with power removed.
Voltage Mode: Same as indicated for "Any Input Line"
Current Mode: ±10V for 250-Ohm inputs; ±14V for 500-Ohm inputs.
Output Characteristics:
Configuration Four single-ended voltage-output DACs driving four current-loop output channels.
Both the outputs of the voltage DACs and the current-loop outputs are available
simultaneously at the system I/O connector.
Ranges Voltage Outputs Same as selected for the input channels
  Current Outputs 0-20mA or 4-20mA (Requires 0 to +5V voltage range)
Output Resistance Voltage Outputs 1.0 Ohm maximum
  Current Outputs 30 Megohms minimum
Output Protection Voltage outputs withstand sustained short-circuiting to ground.
Output Compliance
(Current outputs)
-15V to +11V with internal supply; Vext - 34V to Vext -3.0V for external supply Vext
External Loop Supply (Vext) +16V to +34V. (Output loads transfer to the internal supply with Vext < +16V)
Load Current
(Voltage Outputs)
Zero to ±3ma per individual channel
Load Capacitance Stable with zero to 2000 pF shunt capacitance
Noise 1.0mV-RMS, 10Hz-1MHz typical (Voltage outputs)
Glitch Impulse 5 nV-Sec typical, ±2.5V range. (Voltage outputs)

Technical documents

Ordering information

Please contact Sarsen Technology for the availability of other form factors, such as XMC, CCPMC, etc.

(The description in this spec applies primarily to the PMC form-factor.)
Basic Model Number  Form Factor 
PMC66-16CLI8CLO4  PMC, Single-width
PCI66-16CLI8CLO4  PCI, short length
cPCI66-16CLI8CLO4  cPCI, 3U
PC104P66-16CLI8CLO4  PC104 Plus
PCIe-16CLI8CLO4  PCI Express
PCIe104-16CLI8CLO4  PCIe, one-lane on PC/104 form factor