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High-speed 64 Bit Parallel Digital I/O PCI Board

The HPDI32ALT board is a very high speed parallel digital input/output board. The card provides for data I/O via the cable at 200 Mbytes per second for both TTL & LVDS transceivers and can transfer data indefinitely without host intervention.

The board employs General Standards’ high performance PCI-DMA (PLX) engine. The PCI-DMA is easily set up and operated by writing only a few programming instruction statements to the board. Once the link between the PMC64-HPDI32ALT board and the external customer device is established, the desired data transfers between the two devices are performed and are transparent to the user. The board employs TTL or LVDS transceivers and the data path is 32 bits wide.

The board has 7 bi-directional programmable handshake lines to allow easy interfacing to most digital I/O peripherals.

Typical Applications:
  • High speed data acquisition and control
  • Point-to-Point PCI-to-PCI bus communication
  • High-speed video data capture
  • General Purpose Parallel DMA interface
  • Development and research


  • 200 Mbytes per second (max) input transfer rate via the front panel connector (TTL I/O
  • transceivers)
  • 200 Mbytes per second input transfer rate via the front panel connector (LVDS transceivers)
  • 264 Mbytes per second PCI transfer rate in burst mode.
  • A single board can interface to a wide variety of external high-speed devices.
  • "Deep FIFO buffers" (up to 512 Kbytes) allow data bursts to be transferred over the PCI bus
  • independent of transfers over the cable.
  • 64-Bit data transfers on the PCI bus.
  • On-board cable controller, FIFOs, and DMA engine provide for continuous data transfer
  • capability.
  • Data input/output clock rate up to 50 MHz
  • Data input/output width of 32 bits
  • 64-Bit, 66MHz PCI v2.2 compliant
  • "Program-and-forget" DMA engine handles D64 transfers, also DMA Chaining
  • Sample code, Vx Works©, Windows 98©, Windows 2000©, Windows XP©, Linux©, Lab
  • VIEW©, and Windows NT© drivers are available
  • Interrupts available upon DMA-completion, FIFO status, cable status, frame-valid and line-valid.
  • External interrupt input line
  • 7 bi-directional signals can be user defined and programmed by the factory to accommodate almost any handshaking protocol (Contact factory).

Technical documents

Ordering information

Specify the basic product model number (PMC64-HPDI32ALT-XXXK), where "X" is an option code as indicated below.
For example, model number PMC64-HPDI32ALT-256K describes a board with a total of 256Kbytes of FIFO buffering.

Other Examples Follow:
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-64K with 8K x 32-bit FIFOs on each channel (both Tx & Rx, 64K byte total);
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-256K with 32K x 32-bit FIFOs on each channel (both Tx & Rx, 256K byte total);
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-512K with 64K x 32-bit FIFOs on each channel (both Tx & Rx, 512K byte total);
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-1M with 128K x 32-bit FIFOs on each channel (both Tx & Rx, 1M byte total);

LVDS cable transceiver version:
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-64K-LVDS with 8Kx32-bit FIFOs on each channel, (both Tx & Rx,64K bytes total);
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-256K- LVDS with 32Kx32-bit FIFOs on each channel, (both Tx & Rx,256K byte total);
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-512K- LVDS with 64Kx32-bit FIFOs on each channel, (both Tx & Rx,512K byte total);
  • PMC64-HPDI32ALT-1M- LVDS with 128Kx32-bit FIFOs on each channel (both Tx & Rx, 1M byte total);

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