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DM.U2 Storage Module


PXIe Dock with Removable U.2 Storage

The DM-U.2 PXI Express Storage Unit from Conduant provides up to 7.68TB of removable solid state storage (SSD) in a single PXI Express slot. The module addresses the requirements of users who need to remove and replace PXI Express storage for security or other reasons.

Ideal usage is within data recording applications, where recorded media must be quickly removed and replaced with fresh media between recording missions. The DM-U2 also supports easy data removal for data security reasons when a system is left unattended.

Each DM-U.2 connects with 4 lanes of PCI Express Gen 3 and supports data rates up to 4GB/s per unit, and performance and storage capacity can be increased further by arranging multiple DM-U.2 modules in a software RAID configuration.

The DM-U.2 complies with PCIe Gen3 protocol standards and uses industry standard NVM Express (NVMe) SSD storage devices. The NVMe drives are compatible with most operating systems including Windows and Linux using standard OS provided drivers.

PXIe storage modules offered by Conduant are compatible with all major PXI Express chassis models, including National Instruments (NI) and Keysight Technologies.


  • PXIe dock with removable U.2 storage
  • Ideal for rapid remove/replace between recording sessions
  • Ideal for data security in remove/lockup environments
  • Capacities up to 7.68 TB
  • PXI Express form factor
  • 4-lane PCI Express Gen3 interface
  • NVM Express (NVMe) protocol for optimal performance
  • Compatible with major operating systems
  • Software RAID multiple units for additional storage capacity and performance

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