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SOSA-Aligned WILDSTAR 6U OpenVPX FPGA Processor

This breakthrough Ultra-Wide-Bandwidth (UWB) FPGA Board from Annapolis features a super-high-performance digitiser and processor in a single rugged 6U OpenVPX board.

The WB6XBU provides two Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale+™ FPGAs and one Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC Quad A53/Dual R5 ARM Motherboard Controller, and has been designed to handle full ADC input bandwidths in the most challenging data acquisition, processing, and storage applications.

It is SOSA-aligned and 100GbE-capable.


WILDSTAR 6XBU boards include 2 Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ XCVU9P or XCVU13P (10GB of DDR4 DRAM per FPGA) and one Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Quad A53/Dual R5 ARM Motherboard Controller.

Digitisation is built in: 2 channels @32GSps & 4 channels @16GSps. Resolution is 10 bits and analog input bandwidth is 9GHz per channel.

Four optional x4 FireFly optical transceivers support VITA 66 connectivity.

Air or conduction cooled. Available with +70C ambient temperature support and -40C power-on.

Hot swappability in air-cooled environments allows for more system reliability. This feature is unique to Annapolis and was developed because their experience with OpenVPX systems has shown it invaluable for maintaining operation during a board change.

Developed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard.


Two Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale+™ FPGAs

  • Supports XCVU9P/XCVU13P FPGAs
    • Up to 24,576 DSP48E1 Slices and 7,560,000 logic cells
    • Up to 720 Mb of High Bandwidth, Low Latency UltraRAM
    • Gen4 PCIe, 150G Interlaken and 100Gb Ethernet Hard Cores
    • Two 80-bit, 5 GB DDR4 DRAM ports
    • GTY transceivers operating up to 32.75 Gb/s
    • FPGAs programmable from attached flash, JTAG or Annapolis API
    • 16nm FinFET+ process

One Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC Quad A53/Dual R5 ARM Motherboard Controller

  • Processing Subsystem (PS)
    • Quad-core 64-bit ARM® Cortex-A53
    • Dual-core 32-bit Cortex-R5 real-time processor
    • Mali-400 MP2 graphics processing unit
    • One 64-bit, 4 GB DDR4 memory
    • 4 or 32 GB SLC SATA bulk storage for filesystem
    • 256Kb user SPI FRAM
  • Programmable Logic (PL)
    • Up to 2928 DSP slices or 1,143,00 logic cells
    • Up to 36Mb of High Bandwidth, Low Latency UltraRAM
    • Gen4 PCIe, 150G Interlaken and 100Gb Ethernet Hard Cores
    • GTH/GTY transceivers operating up to 32.75 Gb/s
    • 256Kb user SPI FRAM
  • 16nm FinFET+ process
  • Provides dedicated AXI bus to IOPE FPGAs for register access
  • Board support enabling user customization of ZYNQ+ design
  • Multiple levels of hardware and software security

Backplane I/O

  • Up to 38 High Speed Serial to VPX Backplane for up to 182 GB/s
  • Two 1/10GbE and two 1GbE BASE-T to VPX Control Plane
  • 32 LVDS lines to VPX P5, 8 from each IOPE and 16 from HPE
  • 8 Single Ended 3.3V I/O to VPX Backplane P5 from HPE
  • RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interface to ZYNQ HPE
  • Backplane Protocol Agnostic connections support 10/40Gb Ethernet, IB capable, AnnapMicro protocol and user designed protocols
  • External clock and IRIG-B Support via Backplane
  • Radial Backplane Clock Support for OpenVPX backplane signals AUXCLK and REFCLK
    • Allows points-to-point, very high-quality backplane connections to payload cards
    • Allows a system reference clock and trigger from backplane to synchronize and clock ADCs without front panel connections needed
    • Allows 1000s of analog channels across many backplanes/chassis to be synchronized via backplane

ADC Performance

  • ADC Inputs
    • 2 channels at 32GSps
    • 4 channels at 16GSps
  • Analog Specs
    • Resolution: 10 bits
    • SFDR: ~60 dBc
    • ENOB: ~7 bits
    • Analog Input Bandwidth: 9GHz per channel

Front Panel I/O

  • Eleven 50Ω Front Panel RF
    • Four Analog ADC Inputs
    • Two ADC Clock Inputs
    • One ADC Clock Output
    • One Reference Clock Input
    • One Reference Clock Output
    • One Trigger control signal Input
    • One IRIG signal Input
  • Four optional x4 FireFly Optical transceivers (optional VITA 66)
  • Simultaneous Optics and ADC use
  • USB UART and USB-C. Both can optionally be directed to backplane

Application Development Board Support Package

  • Open Project Builder Application Design Suite
    • Full Board Support Package for Fast and Easy Application Development
    • Computational, DSP and Data Flow Control Cores (FFTs, FIR, Math, etc)
    • Develop in GUI environment or create VHDL and use HDL environment
    • Built-in Debugger for Hardware in the loop Debugging
    • Communication Cores Included (10/40Gb Ethernet, AnnapMicro Protocol)
    • VHDL Model includes Source Code for Hardware Interfaces
    • Supports High-Level Synthesis (HLS) Design Flow
  • VHDL BSP packages including full synthesis and simulation support
  • Support for Mathworks HDL Coder™ generated IP
  • IOPE JTAG Access through RTM or Ethernet
  • Board control and status monitoring can be local (stand-alone), remote (via Ethernet) or hybrid (both local and remote)

Mechanical and Environmental

  • 6U OpenVPX Compliant, requiring two 1” slots
  • Available with +70°C ambient temperature support and -40°C power-on
  • Optional VITA 66/67 support
  • Integrated Heat Sink and Board Stiffener
  • Available in Industrial Temperature Grades
  • Air or Conduction Cooled
  • RTM available for additional I/O
  • Hot Swappable with air cooled variants
  • Only requires +12V and +3.3VAUX from backplane
  • Developed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard
  • RT3 backplane connectors for 100G support

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