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Cobra PXIe High Speed Recorder


Cobra PXIe High Speed Recorder

The Cobra PXIe High Speed Recorder from Conduant is a unique solution for high speed data recording and playback. The system is designed around PXI Express system architecture, providing a modular and flexible solution that can be customised to suit many different requirements.

The main recording engine combines a PXIe board with high speed RAM and a high performance Xilinx FPGA. This Xilinx FPGA board manages the data movement to and from storage devices, and also provides fibre optic channels for high speed data input or output. The Cobra board can be used alone or in conjunction with additional Cobra units to reach datastreaming performance of over 17 GB/s.

A typical system configuration includes an Intel processor based controller, one or more Cobra boards and SSD based storage boards.


  • Data recorder based on Conduant’s StreamStor® technology
  • Modular architecture using PXI Express chassis and system controller
  • Peer-to-Peer data recording from PCI Express sources
  • Sustained recording and playback at up to 5GB/s (40Gb/s)
  • Chained optical recording capability up to 20GB/s (160Gbps)
  • On-board 8GB RAM buffer
  • Standalone operation via Ethernet or PCIe host system command/control
  • Scalable SSD NVME PCIe data storage
  • Cabled 8 lane PCIe Gen3 interface
  • Up to 24 lanes of Fibre Optic IO (standard rate: 12.5 Gbps per lane, up to 16Gbps)
  • Multiple optical IO protocols available including Interlaken, Serial FPDP, Aurora, etc.


Maximum data rate 5 GB/s (40 Gbps) sustained
20 GB/s (160 Gbps) with optical chain (4x5)
Maximum capacity 128TB (48 Devices)
Capacity varies with SSD availability
Extended capacity versions available
Internal Drive Interfaces PCI Express NVME
Drive type M.2 PCIe SSD (NGFF)
External data interfaces Serial Optical x24
External interface protocols Interlaken, SerialFPDP, Aurora
Control interfaces Cabled PCI Express, Ethernet
Dimensions 444.4mm (W) x 194.8mm (H) x 466mm (D) (with feet installed)
444.4mm (W) x 177.8mm (H) x 466mm (D) (with feet removed)
4U x 1 rack width (reduced width chassis available)
Weight TBD
Operating Temperature 5° to 50° C
Shock / Vibration TBD
Options Rack Mount rails, narrow chassis
Power AC 100-240V 50-60Hz

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There are a number of different configurations available.

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