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BORA Embedded Linux Kit


Bora Embedded Linux Kit (BELK)

Bora Embedded Linux Kit (BELK) provides all the necessary components required to set up BORA Xilinx Zynq boards in the development environment for:

  • Configuring the system (PS and PL) at hardware level
  • Building the first-stage bootloader (FSBL)
  • Building the second stage bootloader (U-Boot)
  • Building and running Linux operating system on Bora-based systems
  • Building Linux applications that will run on the target

DAVE Embedded Systems provides all the customisation required (in particular at bootloader and Linux kernel levels) to enable customers use the standard Zynq-7000 development tools for building all the firmware/software components that will run on the target system.


Kit Contents
  • BORA or BORA XPress Xilinx Zynq board. CPU: Xilinx Zynq 7000 
  • BORA or BORA XPress Carrier Board (EVB)
  • AC/DC Single Output Wall Mount adapter: Output: +12V – 2.0 A
  • MicroSDHC card with SD adapter and USB adapter

BoraEVB is a carrier board designed to host the BORA SoM - BORAEVB


For full specifications on these Xilinx Zynq boards please visit the BORA Embedded Linux Kit page on the DAVE Wiki - BELK-L-S

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