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ORCA SOM is part of DAVE Embedded Systems' portfolio of system on modules, based on NXP's i.MX8M Plus System On Chip. These SoCs are designed with ARM Cortex-A53 plus Cortex-M7 plus a Neural Processing Unit.

The ORCA SoM is designed around a SODIMM 260 pin DDR4 form factor and is the first solution that will support a new generation of these SoCs, enabling long term availability within industrial qualification. The ORCA SOM System On Module has a very compact size of about 67.5 x 45mm.

This SOM supports all the functionalities available from the System On Chip. Starting from the ARM Cortex-A53 architecture with up to 4 cores available and the independent ARM cortex-A53, the GPU and the Neural Processing unit, the ORCA System On Module integrates on board a single chip RAM DDR4 and multiple choices for storage.

ORCA System On Module can host either an eMMC flash or a NAND Single Level Chip depending on what customers prefer. These options are also available in a mounted option connected on the carrier board because both buses are available at pinout level.

Another important feature of this System On Module is the option to have either dual Video Inputs for stereo cameras or dual Ethernet interfaces with Time Sensitive Networking support. The NXP Edge Lock SE0S0 Secure Element is available on board.

ORCA SOM System On Module is designed for industrial applications providing access to all NXP i.MX8M Plus features, and supports the industrial temperature range from -40 to +85° C.

The ORCA SOM System On Module is provided within a Software Development Kit which enable customers to get complete control of the board. The Software Development Kit is called DESK DAVE Embedded Software Kit and it is based on the NXP official Software Development Kts. Regarding the Neural Processing Unit, DAVE EMbedded Systems is able to provide services including the design, development, training of a complete Machine Learning application.


  • 2/4 ARM Cortex-A53 @1.6 - 1.8GHz + Cortex-M7
  • 3D GPU GC7000 integrated
  • Neural Processing Unit inside up to 2.3 TOPS
  • Single chip DDR4 RAM 4-8GB
  • Advanced security thanks to SE0S0 integration
  • eMMC or NAND SLC mass storage on board
  • Boot from NOR for safe applications
  • 2xGb Ethernet with PHY on board and TSN support
  • Dual CSI for stereo cameras
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply with very low power stand by e SODIMM DDR4 260pin form factor


Dual/Quad ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.6 - 1.8GHz MCU Cortex-M7 + GPU GC7000 
1080p60 H265, H264, VP9, VP8 decoder 1080p60 H265, H264 encoder 
MACHINE LEARNING Neural Processing Unit 2.3 TOPS 
SUPERVISOR On-board power supply supervision
and power sequencer; Watchdog and RTC
CACHE L 1: 32Kbyte instruction, 32Kbyte data
L2: Unified data/instruction, 512 K 
SECURITY Secure Boot and SE050 Edge Lock on board for loT secure applications
SDRAM Up to 8GB LPDDR4, x32 with ECC
NOR SPI NOR 4 - 32 MB on request 
eMMC or NAND SLC All sizes, on request. Not available simultaneously 
LAN Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps (PHY on board) 1xRGMII with TSN support 
UART up to 4x UART ports
USB Up to 2x 3.0 OTG port (PHY on board)
CAN up to 2x CAN 
SDIO up to 2x SDIO3.0 - MMC 5.1
AUDIO Up to 18 I2s / SAi and 1x SPDIF
VIDEO OUTPUT 1 x L VOS 4/8 lanes
1x HDMI 
VIDEO INPUT 2x MIPI CSI 4 lanes with 2xlSP 
PCI EXPRESS 1x PCle Gen 3 
OTHER up to 6x I2C channels
up to 3x SPI channels
GPIOs with interrupt capabilities
SIZE 69.60mm x 43.00mm 
TEMPERATURE Commercial (0°C I + 70°C) temperature range
Industrial (-40°C / +85°C) temperature range 
INPUT Single 3.3V +/- 5%, on-board voltage regulation 
LINUX U-Boot / Kernel 5.x or newer.
Other options can be available. 
EVALUATION KIT The ORCA SOM System On Module has his own evaluation kit which permits customers to start immediately developing the application. All schematics and layout footprint are provided. Additionally we offer a live session together with our technical team in order to make the hello world together and quickly start up our support to customer project. DAVE Embedded Systems provides a number of possible embedded design services and we are very happy to assist you making your experience within our solutions as best as we can. 

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