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ENET2-1553 - 1553 to Ethernet Converter


Dual-Channel 1553 for Real-Time Ethernet Connectivity

ENET2-1553 from Alta Data is an innovative product that provides “remoting” of 1553 operations on 10/100/1000 Ethernet IP/UDP local area networks (LAN).  eNet2-1553 is a small, low-power, rugged device that provides real-time Ethernet connectivity for two dual redundant 1553 (A/B) busses. Ideal for remoting 1553 connections for in-field applications or point-point lab usage.

**NOTE: eNet2-1553 (server) is a real-time Ethernet/1553 device, but your computers’ (client) IP stack may not be! 

The eNet2-1553 device provides real-time UDP receive and transmit requests (<10 uSecs) to 1553 buffers, but the client’s IP/UDP stack will induce path delays as compared to backplane cards. For many applications (<100-2000 packets per second), this product will provide unparalleled flexibility in 1553 configurations (much better than USB devices). Contact Sarsen for test results on various OS and computer configurations – your system results may vary.


  • 1-2 Independent, Dual Redundant (A/B) MIL-STD-1553 Channels. Real-Time Ethernet Converter
  • Small, Rugged 13.5x3.7x4cm, 200 grams
  • Thin-Server, Real-Time IP/UDP Ethernet to/from 1553 **
  • Remote 1553 Devices on the LAN
  • Full BC, mRT, BM, Signal Capture Capability
  • Auto BM Mode for 1553->Ethernet Bridging
  • Auto Load BC, RT and BM Images for Fast Startup
  • 5-30V DC, 400-700 mAmp (5V) Typical 1 Amp USB Power OK
  • 200g Weight, POE Optional, 1760 Startup
  • Ideal for Lab or Rugged Deployed Applications
  • IRIG-B RX Decode, PPS, Triggers, Discretes

Technical documents

Ordering information

Part Numbers:
Dual Function: BC/Mon or mRT/Mon
  • ENET2-1553-1D or ENET2-1553-2D
Full Function: BC, mRT and Monitor
  • ENET2-1553-1F or ENET2-1553-2F
Add -E for Ext Temp Parts (-40 to +85C),
-N for NVRAM Write Protection,
-F for Conformal Coating and
-P for POE.
Add –A for AltaView Analyzer.
Example: ENET2-1553-2F-AEFNP

Optional Cables:
  • ENETCAB-1553-J1-01/02
1553, Ethernet & USB Power
  • ENETCAB-J2-01
Auxiliary Mini DB-26

Please contact Sarsen for up to date pricing and lead time information.


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